Quick Suggestions for Easy Lawn Care

Maintaining a nutritious lawn is significant for many homeowners because doing so represents their property on the surface and provides it entrance charm. Lawn care…
listdaniel91 Mar 05, 2015

Diesel Black Gold/Resort2015/

Race to the Grave Diesel Black Gold/Resort2015/LOOKBOOK #leather moto jackets; #cutting #denim #miniskirts# pelmet-short                              …
Data Alekseev
Data Alekseev Jun 15, 2014
Tree Trimming Tools - Gardening Tools - Pruning Toolsvid

Tree Trimming Tools - Gardening Tools - Pruning Tools - Having the right tree trimming equipment can make your gardening task much easier. It does not matter what type of tree trimming tools…
bestbusinessvideo Apr 03, 2014

Is GPR A Harmless Piece Of Equipment

Ground Penetrating Radar aka GPR is made use of to find underground items, voids, splits and changes in material. It is helpful in a range…
scanningdude416 Jan 16, 2014
Scared of Moms Reaction to Cuttingpic

Scared of Moms Reaction to Cutting

Okay. So, my parents have been getting on my nerves lately. Well, nit just them, but everybody. My mom has been nagging at me to…
xscarredxupxtarynx May 23, 2013

Demi Lovato Tries Not To Cry While Performing In Texas

Demi Lovato fans everywhere are excited to see that the singer and X-Factor judge has been popping up all over to promote her new single…


Nothing like a big, strong, sweaty woodchopper who knows how to work the pole! 
offplanetfilms Dec 17, 2012

Backseat Serenade Chapter 3

Wow, guys. Thanks so much for the feedback on the last few chapters, you guys are rad! I promise I'm continuing with your biggest mistake…

October Spirit Week (10/15-10/19)

All of our October spirit week (10/15-10/19) events are set, have been approved, and are ready!Monday--Introductory Assembly & write "love" on your arms dayTuesday--Chalk writing…
thestorytellersforjb Oct 07, 2012

"Beautiful or cute"

So I came across this event on Facebook called "Cute or Beautiful" I flipped through a couple of pictures and found myself seriously dissapointed. All…
arzelturner Jun 22, 2012

A Rebel's Addiction (Prologue)

Alright guys, a story I've been working on. (Yes, another one). :P It's just the prologue, but I hope you enjoy it!  Prologue.   I walked…
Dani Jun 15, 2012
Is Miley Cyrus Cutting Herself?pic

Is Miley Cyrus Cutting Herself?

This horrifying picture of Miley walking her dog, shows a close up of a number of unusual cuts on her wrists. This recent photo of…
dollybites Apr 03, 2012


I used to cut every day. I did this a few years ago. For a year straight, I`d wait til midnight to dig the blade…
xxscreamokissesxx Dec 01, 2011

Apology to Lovato

8-13-11 Miss Demi Lovato has faced many obstacles the past few months. Not only did she punch a friend in the face, but she also suffered…

Self Injurt Awareness Day

I wrote this article hoping to publish it in a local newspaper or something like that.  Didn't happen. Thus the pen name thing. So, here it is…
altanna Mar 01, 2011