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Yuima Nakazato s/s 2013

  Sweet dreams and candy colors for men: Yuima Nakazato S/S 2013     Yuima Nakazato  S/S 2013           Source Excellent Male Model   Via Change Fashion
Melissa Cupcakee
Melissa Cupcakee 18 hrs ago

Get The Look: From Eden Xo's New Music Video "Too Cool To Dance"

Hey Buzznet! I hope you all liked my video for "Too Cool To Dance" and that it got you up on your feet and dancing the…
Eden xo
Eden xo Sep 19, 2014


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melodyerin Sep 16, 2014


Body lotion
audreyjerome Sep 15, 2014
The Many Faces Of: Aaron Paulpic
Hi againpic

Hi again

Oh my God it's been one year since I posted on here :P so now I will try to post almost every day (as far…
Talia Bloodina
Talia Bloodina Sep 13, 2014
These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things!pic
fayerox123 Sep 13, 2014 Originally by kerli
grumpy cat sweater-Glamzellepic

The World's Cutest Actor: Jiff

I recently got to meet one of the cutest actors in the world...I was honestly nervous and felt like I could burst from happiness and…
Brittany Lee
Brittany Lee Aug 30, 2014
Recycled Design Competitionpic

Recycled Design Competition

I'm entering another design competition :) l'm so excited, it's a recycled material design competititon. Hopefully i place and will get to see my design…
The Dormouse
The Dormouse Aug 27, 2014
Vlog Virgindadevid

#Vlog Virgindade

#Androgynous #hair #cute #alternative
dookiewoop Aug 26, 2014


It was definitely fun trying to get pictures of this cutie. We were in greenhouse at Monches, it was on the counter with lots and…
Rhianna Aug 21, 2014
The Many Faces Of: Rita Orapic
The Many Faces Of: Orlando Bloompic
OMG OMG OMG Miley Cyrus' New Pet Is the Cutest Thing Everpic