Eye Popping Thanksgiving Themed Cupcakes To Be Thankful For

Thanksgiving is a day to eat, eat, eat and eat some more! We don’t know about you, but we’re more stuffed than the turkey once dessert is over! Seeing as a sweet treat is one of THE BEST parts of turkey day, we couldn’t resist pulling together the cutest Thanksgiving cupcakes. Seriously…these would be hard to gobble up!… More »

All Star Month: Cupcakes!!!

Who doesn’t like cupcakes??? I don’t know!! I think that we love so much these tasty cakes. Even when I think about America, I see cupcakes!!!
I didn’t eat true…

MAC’s New Cupcake-Inspired Collection

Got a sweet tooth? Are you a fan of MAC beauty products? WELL I have some exciting news for you! MAC has just released their new cupcake inspiredThe Baking Beauties…

Yummy St Patrick’s Day Cupcakes

It’s time to indulge into some delicious cupcakes. St. Patrick’s day has finally arrived and with that comes all things green, including food. I have put together some of the most yummy looking St Patrick’s day cupcakes I could find. I just can’t help myself sometimes once I start browsing food on the Internet. Once… More »


Hello everybody, I want to share my passion that are the cupcakes! I love baking cupcakes, decorate and eat. I have a small company called Viva la Cupcake, where I sell cupcakes, pies, cakepops, caramel…

30 Magical Disney Cupcakes

Nothing makes me happier than Disney AND cupcakes! Does it even get better than that? Put them together and you have MAGIC. I have been in such a Disney mood lately and came across some Disney cupcakes that I just had to share! These are too cute and so look absolutely amazing! I can’t even… More »

My Most Recently Liked Pictures on Tumblr! #5

Hello buzznet!Sorry i’ve been neglecting you! I’ve been super busy with work and other such things! I promise i’ll be back on track soon! This week’s pictures from tumblr include some super cute animals, amazing quotes and beautiful faces! There’s plenty of other great things in there too! You can find my tumblr here, and… More »

owl cupcakes

The best Halloween party food, EVER!

So, halloween is fast approaching us and i’m planing on having a little halloween tea party with my friends at some point, so I have been looking up some super cool and super scary party food ideas! Admittedly, some of it looks really gross! But hey, it’s halloween, gross is good right? I’m sure it’ll… More »

Yummy Halloween Cupcakes

Halloween is a time for scary movies, haunted houses, carving pumpkins, costumes and most importantly sweets! For the month of October you have a pass for all things candy and sweets. What better way to satisfy that sweet tooth than with a festive cupcake? Check out these fun and yummy Halloween cupcakes!

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