Hunter Valentine - Cryingvid

Hunter Valentine - Crying

Music video by Hunter Valentine performing Crying. (C) 2013 Hunter Valentine Music
rivevideo Oct 23, 2013
It Actually Is True! I Am The Ugly Duckling!pic

It Actually Is True! I Am The Ugly Duckling!

Basically its true cause no one likes me or wants to be friends with me everyone ignores me constantly like if I was completly invisible…
dessmydestiny Sep 12, 2013
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Demi Lovato Tries Not To Cry While Performing In Texas

Demi Lovato fans everywhere are excited to see that the singer and X-Factor judge has been popping up all over to promote her new single…

We Knew It! Jennifer lawrence Is Actually A Disney Princess

Jennifer Lawrence possesses all of the qualities one could desire in a princess, humor, beauty, talent. She also managed to fall perfectly into the pose…

Josh Hutcherson Cries Daily And Wants To Give You A Massage

He stole our hearts as romance-driven Peeta Mellark in The Hunger Games, so it's no surprise that Josh Hutcherson is actually a sweet guy in…
Patty Jan 07, 2013

How Crying Benefits Your Attitude and Health

Most people hate the feeling they get when they cry, but I feel the exact opposite. I love crying! The reason I love crying is…
Katelyn Annyce
Katelyn Annyce Oct 13, 2012

HEARTBREAK FOR BREAKFAST Facebook- deals with a very abrupt, life-changing break-up.Starring (in order of appearance):Kinsey DimentOwen MartinJocelyn Jolley
jakeneuman Sep 11, 2012

I'm obsessed with listening to Parachute's Forever And Always!

As much as the song makes me cry because of the meaning, I still love it! ^^ Me right now!
sonnythisisurgent Aug 13, 2012

When Day Turns Into Night Chapter 18

Yay, I'm back now:) Warped was the most amazing thing on this earth. It kinda sucked that Paramore weren't there, but it was still awesome:)…

No Longer Up All Night

The closing credits of "A Year In The Making" rolled and "Gotta Be You" was playing as tears were streaming down my cheeks.  This amazing…
Alli Rants
Alli Rants Jul 03, 2012
feelings never go away. you will always have them. or you never did.pic

feelings never go away. you will always have them. or you never did.

Self Portrait, one of many.  <3 follow me on facebook-
jessejentzen Jun 13, 2012

Almost Easy (Chapter 5)

Five Jack's pov"Come here!" Alex playfully growled, pulling Kate close and nibbling on her ear. She screamed in giggles, squirming, trying to break free of Alex's…
imightbreak Jun 11, 2012

Five Songs About The Emotional State Of Mind Behind Heartache

It's a given that music is what people run to when going through a break up or experiencing a dilemma of who to love; that's…
Rosaura Montes
Rosaura Montes May 26, 2012
A Sad Goodbyevid

A Sad Goodbye

We took our dog Gordo to visit his grandparents for 2 months and when it was time to pick him up his grandparents were very…
hdhungryman May 07, 2012