25 Albums To Watch For This Fall

I'm always looking for new music, and luckily this fall is going to be HUGE for a bunch of my favorite bands. Lots of awesome…
cerisenicole Sep 17, 2014

Artist to Watch For - This Wild Life

Meet This Wild Life, an acoustic duo from Long Beach, California. These former pop-punkers might not look like your usual acoustic performers, but they've got…
clarefitz Jun 03, 2014

Flashback Friday: 'Bittersweet Symphony' The Verve Vs. Buzz Bands

With May being our Makin' Memories month full of blasts from the past, I am really reliving my past musically, being all nastolgic with friends…
Kelley Fox
Kelley Fox May 10, 2013
Kellin of Sleeping With Sirens and His Daughter Copelandpic
concertcrasher Jun 28, 2012

Love Affair

I think I'm falling in love with StumbleUpon. I "stumbled" upon those last couple of mixes from Tracks, and I found this amazing song. Tell…
cherriesalamode Sep 11, 2011

'Tis The Season To Be Fearless: Favorite Holiday Song?

The bands on the 'Tis The Season To Be Fearless comp are here to inspire some sweet holiday spirit! To kick it off, they've shared…
ArtistVsPoet Dec 01, 2010

State's Ep, "Line 'Em Up"

States(Ex Lydia and Copeland)'s EP Line 'Em Up came out on Tuesday.  You can download it here or on iTunes. The track listing is 1. Anxious2…
Eilish. Oct 18, 2010

A list of my favourite songs.

I would write a little intro but I don't feel like it. Poop. Chromeo - Fancy Footwork.      This is probably my most favourite song ever! Every…
Jbizz Sep 24, 2010
Aaron Marsh of Copeland Covering Paramorevid

Aaron Marsh of Copeland Covering Paramore

Hayley Williams tweeted this today--"Misery Business" turns serious business! ;) How do you like his cover?
breesays Jan 11, 2010
Music Monday 1pic

Music Monday #1

If you find yourself here on my side of town I'd pray that you'd come to my door Talk to me like you don't know…
ninjapaulaa Dec 21, 2009
3 Hour Tour Wrap Upvid

3 Hour Tour Wrap Up

Relient K, Barcelona, and Copeland wrap up their fall tour dubbed "3 Hour Tour"- thanking each other and their fans for all the support.
Relient K
Relient K Oct 28, 2009

"Talk to me like you have no idea what we ever thought about."

So today and yesterday have been crazy. Yesterday I get on aim and ashley is like,HANNAH YOOH'VE BEEN ACTING DIFFERENT LATELY :O ?!&we get into this whole…
hannahorror06 Oct 21, 2009
Relient K Tour Update 1vid

Relient K Tour Update #1

A Three Hour Tour with Relient K, Copeland & Barcelona.
Relient K
Relient K Oct 13, 2009
Stephen from copeland!pic

Stephen from copeland!

I LOVE HIM I LOVE THIS BAND! Enough said :] oh I look awful I know :P I was just jumping up and down and…
missaudaciousabbie Oct 08, 2009
Its Classy, Not Classic vs. You Are My Sunshinepic

It’s Classy, Not Classic vs. You Are My Sunshine

It’s Classy, Not Classic – Breathe Carolina You Are My Sunshine – Copeland Remember when Copeland totally piggybacked on the viral FOB campaign and we were totally…
breesays Aug 10, 2009