Watching the Orionid Meteor Shower and you should too!

Right now the Orionid Meteor Shower is going on 10/21/14 where Earth goes through a bunch of debris left behind by a comet. It's quite…
wallarookiller Oct 21, 2014

ARE PEOPLE REALLY SHEEP? - Free CDs, Videos & Books -

Most men may not complain when young women these days wear their pants lower than where their mother's pockets used to be, but it can…
Richard Aberdeen
Richard Aberdeen Oct 18, 2014

Hundreds of thousands Battle In 'Destiny' Video Recreation Test Run

Video games are often used as a convenient scapegoat for many of the issues affecting at this time's youth. Advocates for outdoor play often lament…
videogamerobot Sep 09, 2014

Welcome To The Generation Of Cool

When we were little kids, all we ever wanted to do was be cool. We wanted to hang with the "cool kids", do really awesome…
gabbiebrown Sep 05, 2014

Controlling Your Eating Habits - Five Simple Steps Easy Reduction Supplement

You are not "there" when you're buy the dieting pills - so you may have to await for a couple of days before you get…
hassanjune Aug 31, 2014
Optimus Prime: Transformers Song Out TakesBloopersvid

Optimus Prime: Transformers Song (Out Takes/Bloopers)

A short collection of audio clips from the Optimus Prime Song of me messing up on the lyrics.. As I do :D   Song Professionally Blundered By…
shaneb Jul 20, 2014
New trend Hipster Beard of Flower for menpic

All about Indian Cam girls

India is a good looking place to stay. If you are in search of a place to spend your vacation, India is a pleasant place…
red2mango Jul 15, 2014
The amazing and eccentric art of Miyama Eijiro the Hat Man!pic

Meeting Indian Cam ladies

India is a phenomenal place to remain. If you're in search of a place to spend your trip, India is a nice place to attempt…
redwritingdog Jul 13, 2014
Magic Shop: YRU shoespic
Mauna Jul 08, 2014
Gandalf The White: LOTR Song Out TakesBloopersvid

Gandalf The White: LOTR Song (Out Takes/Bloopers)

WARNING: EXPLICIT LANGUAGE Here lay the recordings of me screwing up some of the lyrics to my Gandalf The White lord Of The Rings Song! Song Professionally…
shaneb Jul 08, 2014

Payday advancelfor people having horrific credit

A Loan that you can get a hold like emergency aid when you are in need of quick funds moreover its refund is mapped up…
jarrodandy Jul 06, 2014
Master Chief: Halo Song Out TakesBloopersvid

Master Chief: Halo Song (Out Takes/Bloopers)

WARNING: EXPLICIT LANGUAGE Here are the recordings of me blundering through some of the lyrics to my Master Chief Halo Song!   Song Professionally Screwed Up By: Shane…
shaneb Jul 05, 2014


Cool things that I used today, Here I collect and describe cool things I found today. This can include apps, shops, food, money, ideas, ...
jerrydemond Jul 02, 2014