Bruce Wayne Batman Songvid

Bruce Wayne (Batman Song)

My epic new song & summary of Christopher Nolan's amazing Dark Knight trilogy following Bruce Wayne & the events of the hero we all know…
shaneb Jul 18, 2015
Song Writer - Singer - Chilla Kianavid

Song Writer - Singer - Chilla Kiana KianaBorn in Surabaya, Indonesia, 19 years ago, Chilla first took on piano music was when she was seven, and won many piano competitions awards.And…
lesliegrimmett14 Jul 16, 2015
Los Santos Grand Theft Auto V Songvid

Los Santos (Grand Theft Auto V Song)

nbsp; My dramatic summarization of the Epic video game that is Grand Theft Auto V. Following the action packed journey of Michael DeSanta, Trevor Phillips, &…
shaneb May 14, 2015
Jeff Lynnepic

Jeff Lynne

Founder of The Electric Light Orchestra, he was producer, guitarist, writer, lead vocals, and risk taker for this iconic band that holds a special place…
cadillac77 Mar 27, 2015