blue eye variationspic

blue eye variations

Mine look like a mix of the two, with a deeper blue and almost gold green yellow in the center. I loved this comparison♡
melodyerin 13 hrs ago
Color Orangevid

Color Orange

Learn to identify the color orange in this fun colors video. Teachers or parents can use this video as an activity for kids, children, toddlers…
teatimewithtayla Jun 16, 2014
Step5: Rinse it Outpic
sabrinamanthe Jun 05, 2014
Unicorn pin uppic

Unicorn pin up

I rarely have been online. But i still have been working on my art. Hopefully all of buzz bet has been well :).
elflithoniel Jun 04, 2014

Defining What Black Mold Removal Actually Is

Bane -Clene Means market Odor Control Treatment, carpeting and material protector, peaceful and safe system, they bring there own softened water and use Tiller's Steam…
greenmold May 25, 2014
Aimeeletynk on Etsy!!pic

Aimeeletynk on Etsy!!

Greetings Creepy Kids! I have just started up an Etsy store where I am selling prints of my sketches and some more exciting things still to…
aimeeletynk May 20, 2014
Jeffree Fan Friday: Warped Tour Meet Greets!pic

Jeffree Fan Friday: Warped Tour Meet & Greets!

1. So much color here. I love it. 2. Who is the girl on the left? Her look is amazing!
NinaLeeCherryAmbition May 18, 2014 Originally by jeffreestar


In a world full of innovative styles and creativity, I find it essential to never hold back when expressing yourself. How can you fully know…
Misty Mason
Misty Mason May 18, 2014

Will Costa + Color Pencils + Celebrities = Amazing ART

Reblogged from Priscila Oliver Hy Guys! Well, inaugurating the blog, I wanted to share with you an artist here from Brazil that with color pencil, realistic…
moshesorzki May 04, 2014 Originally by missoliver


I was leaving the supermarket the other day around 7:30 pm and this car was parked next to me. It was almost dusk so the…
BIZARRELAND Apr 30, 2014
B!G P!MPN in LEANpic


Absolutely in LOVE with this light grape hue! Here's a little trick for extra FLO$$Y nailz:   - Paint a layer of white nail polish & let…
Misty Mason
Misty Mason Apr 27, 2014
Color Yellow!vid

Color Yellow!

Learn the color yellow in this basic colors video for kids. Play a fun interactive color game. This fun and educational video for preschoolers will…
teatimewithtayla Apr 23, 2014

Will Costa + Color Pencils + Celebrities = Amazing ART

Hy Guys! Well, inaugurating the blog, I wanted to share with you an artist here from Brazil that with color pencil, realistic traits and a…
The Color Blue!vid

The Color Blue!

Blue is a basic color. It is the fourth in the colors of the rainbow. Learn about the color blue in this colors for kids…
teatimewithtayla Apr 17, 2014
Pastels, Bunnies, Chicks More: Springtime Easter Nail Artpic