Color Yellow!vid

Color Yellow!

Learn the color yellow in this basic colors video for kids. Play a fun interactive color game. This fun and educational video for preschoolers will…
teatimewithtayla 14 hrs ago

Will Costa + Color Pencils + Celebrities = Amazing ART

Hy Guys! Well, inaugurating the blog, I wanted to share with you an artist here from Brazil that with color pencil, realistic traits and a…
Priscila Oliver
Priscila Oliver Apr 19, 2014
The Color Blue!vid

The Color Blue!

Blue is a basic color. It is the fourth in the colors of the rainbow. Learn about the color blue in this colors for kids…
teatimewithtayla Apr 17, 2014
Pastels, Bunnies, Chicks More: Springtime Easter Nail Artpic
32 Rainbow Hair Stylespic
womitakaramelosa Apr 14, 2014 Originally by callinamarie
32 Rainbow Hair Stylespic
Joanna April Lumbadpic

Joanna April Lumbad

Birthday Girl photoshoot just turned 25 and I love my red hair Crimson Obsession Splat Hair Dye Red Hair Selfie (Scholastican and Paulinian)
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Crimson Obsession Red Hair Color Dyepic

Make up by me: Rainbow eyes

For weeks, I tried to perfect the Rainbow eye on myself- however, was ony met by failures upon failures but before I went away last…

Color Blind by Shoredrive

Singer/Songwriter Anthony Terlizzi’s debut album “Color Blind” was recorded in Brewster, NY just off the shore of Tonetta Lake in a cottage. The album will…
mrkeynesofume Mar 27, 2014
Color of a Dollarpic

Color of a Dollar

Even the blind man knows the color of a dollar:
Henry Gaye
Henry Gaye Mar 17, 2014

My Current Obessions: Mint Blue and Smoothies

Lately, I've been completely obsessed with two things: the color mint and smoothies.  As far as mint goes, I feel like I'm wicked behind with the…
malmo777 Mar 15, 2014

Helpful Hints To An Individual To Handle Hair Loss

If you are experiencing hair thinning or have a friend who is, you are not going to believe how my cousin got his hair return…
peru1palm Mar 14, 2014
Learn Colors - Coloring Book for Kids!vid

Learn Colors - Coloring Book for Kids!

Cute Baby, Toddler & Preschooler Learning Color's by playing a Fun interactive coloring book game. Watching this video will help toddlers, babies, preschool & kindergarten…
teatimewithtayla Mar 11, 2014


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