Sky shardspic

Sky shards

angrylambie Jul 10, 2014
Morning Shadepic

Morning Shade

Yes, I am posting another sky photo!  I am obsessed with the sky!  This was Thursday morning up at my dad's!   I am pretty…
CANDLE Jul 08, 2014
I don't really know what's in the cards of life.pic

I don't really know what's in the cards of life.

Hello everyone. So today I was supposed to go to Granny's funeral today and I was unable to cause I got sick. It really sucks…
escaperoute Jun 30, 2014
Sunset sisterspic
angrylambie Jun 29, 2014
Week 21 Lord I just can't... sometimespic

Week #21 Lord I just can't... sometimes

Beautiful sky it was yesterday's evening. I actually wish and work to pass everything and finally have a free time and will to do anything…
Tommorow Jun 06, 2014
Molokai Sunset. James Brennan, Molokai Hawaiipic
Life passes by so fast...pic

Life passes by so fast...

Life passes by so fast. Whatever makes you happy, that's what you should do.
Contrail Shadowpic