Bursary Fund

RURAL COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT ORGANIZATION (RCDO) welcomes its visitors who have shown interest in getting information about the work our organization is doing for the uplift…
pizzaexpert04 Apr 15, 2015

Skillful Charitable Giving Begins With a Plan

nbsp; There's an easy and relatively painless way to avoid the year-end crush and make more effective GIFTS: Create a plan now and fulfill it throughout the…
arnoldrad Jan 29, 2015
Stella Artois Buy a Lady a Drinkvid

Stella Artois ‘Buy a Lady a Drink’

Today, with the support of and its co-founders Matt Damon and Gary White, Stella Artois launched its first global social impact campaign ‘Buy a…
multivuvideo Jan 26, 2015

Don't Let Diabetes Take Control Of Your Life

The fear surrounding diabetes does not solely come from the daily blood test. More serious conditions, such as diabetic retinopathy or the risks of losing…
planetgrill3 Jan 05, 2015

Diabetes Tips That Improve The Quality Of Your Life

When left uncontrolled, diabetes can be a serious and life threatening disease. It is absolutely essential that people arm themselves with enough knowledge to live…
planetgrill3 Jan 05, 2015

The Important Things To Know About Diabetes

You may get the sense that handling diabetes requires all of your time, leaving you little opportunity to research better ways to navigate the condition…
planetgrill3 Jan 05, 2015

Important Things Everyone Should Know About Diabetes

Having diabetes can feel scary, and it may feel like you cannot escape it. Using this advice will assist you in figuring out what is…
planetgrill3 Jan 05, 2015

What You Should Know About Diabetes!

Diabetes can be a debilitating and serious disease. It is absolutely essential that people arm themselves with enough knowledge to live a long and healthy…
planetgrill3 Jan 05, 2015

Go Back To The Basics In Your Diabetes Care

There are two different kind of diabetes, both are potentially dangerous and require you to change your habits. Education is essential in fighting diabetes. The…
planetgrill3 Jan 05, 2015

Fundraising campaign

"Service to others is the rent you shell out for your place right here on earth." Muhammad Ali Fundraising is the simplest way of finding…
ratbush9 Dec 25, 2014

Win The Battle! Learn Cancer Tips And Secrets You Need To Know!

Attending school helps drive knowledge home throughout the years. We learn subjects such as math, science and other general skills we apply each and every…
breadhead57 Dec 18, 2014

Great Guide On How To Survive Against Cancer

A cancer diagnosis can be one of the scariest things you can go through. Being armed with as much information as possible can provide some…
chick4botany Dec 11, 2014

Strategies On How To Effectively Fight Cancer

Millions around the globe are afflicted with this dire, and potentially fatal, illness. By gaining more information, you can better deal with cancer. Patients and…
yardskill3 Dec 11, 2014

Taking The Control Away From Your Diabetes

Diabetes is known as one of the most fastest growing diseases today in our world. Each week brings more confirmed cases. This article contains helpful…
sweets64mind Dec 03, 2014