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My Viewpic

My View

This is what it looks like behind our current apartment !  When I step out the back door, this is what I see! ( : …
CANDLE Apr 19, 2015
Black Squirrelpic

Black Squirrel

Hi everyone!  Thank you for commenting on my fragmented posts! (:  You guys and gals are the BEST!!!  I was really excited when I got…
CANDLE Feb 15, 2015
A Mexican Affair at La Casita Gastown in Vancouver BCpic

A Mexican Affair at La Casita Gastown in Vancouver BC

A Mexican Affair #margaritas #tequila #saturdays#gastown #vancouver #party #downtown #vancity #van #yvr #gf #gfs #happy #happybirthday #happybirthdaytome #birthdaygirl #birthdayparty #happygirl #girl #fun #instagood #greattime Source…
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lacasitarestaurants Jan 10, 2015
Happy New Yearpic

Happy New Year

Jewels has had enough holiday parties!  She is happy just to sleep under the tree!  ( :  I hope you had a wonderful New Year! …
CANDLE Jan 02, 2015
Merry Christmaspic

Merry Christmas

I hope all of you who celebrate Christmas had a WONDERFUL day full of family, food, and prezzies!  I had an AMAZING day that I…
CANDLE Dec 25, 2014
Happy Birthday Davidpic

Happy Birthday David

Well, there won't be a birthday blog for David!  My photos didn't turn out !  I am not sure what I did wrong, but definitely…
CANDLE Dec 18, 2014


I can't remember if I have posted this or not!  I am SO busy with the holiday coming and trying to get everything done!  Tonight…
CANDLE Dec 16, 2014
An Airport Skypic

An Airport Sky

I took this shot over the airport last Thursday afternoon!  I haven't been seeing many sunsets these days, so I thought I would post this…
CANDLE Dec 09, 2014
Christmas Prezzie!pic

Christmas Prezzie!

I can get on Buzznet, OMG!!! I haven't been able to load the site for awhile!  The one time I did get on here, I…
CANDLE Dec 08, 2014


The only way I could manage a photo of our cats, was to catch them in my bathroom!  It has the best lighting and also…
CANDLE Dec 03, 2014
Winter Susnetpic

Winter Susnet

What a great weekend this was!  Trevor was home and that was awesome!  We had Thanksgiving and Black Friday shopping!  Then today my precious boy…
CANDLE Nov 30, 2014
The Holidays Have Begunpic

The Holidays Have Begun

I have had a very busy, but very good week!  Trevor got home on Tuesday!  It is GREAT to have him here even though it…
CANDLE Nov 28, 2014
Winter Berries?pic

Winter Berries?

I don't know if these are berries, seeds, or something else, but they are on the bush right outside my front door!  I thought they…
CANDLE Nov 14, 2014
Marine Mompic

Marine Mom

This is a terrible photo of a t-shirt that would not lay flat !  It was my birthday present from my mom!  It doesn't need…
CANDLE Nov 12, 2014
Dinner Datepic

Dinner Date

Tonight I went out to dinner with Tom!  We ate Hoppie's Landing which happens to be the upstairs of the Pellston Regional Airport !  It…
CANDLE Nov 11, 2014