Backstage Pass: Getting To Know Allstar Weekend

Allstar Weekend are three wild and crazy kids! Just when we thought we knew everything about Zach Porter, Michael Martinez and Cameron Quiseng — we were proved…

Backstage Pass: Allstar Weekend’s ‘Who In The Band…’ Interview (VIDEO)

Allstar Weekend is currently on a huge tour, and BUZZNET caught up with the boys at the Anaheim House of Blues a few weeks back. We got to talking about what

Backstage Pass: Allstar Weekend Spill On Their New Sound (VIDEO)

Allstar Weekend fans were given some shocking — yet exciting news last week, when the boys announced they would be retiring the name after this summer’s Warped Tour

With the name being put…

Allstar Weekend: A Year in Review

There’s no doubt that 2011 was Allstar Weekend‘s biggest and busiest year to date and definitely one that they will never forget! Between an insane touring schedule and promotional appearances the band managed to put out an album, travel to multiple continents, attend tons of cool events, appear in a movie…and they even stopped by… More »

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