Flash Sale! 20% Off For 24 Hours!

FLASH SALE! 20% off for 24 Hours.. Oh and this is a super special deal because some items are already on sale. TAKE ADVANTAGE! #bysamiiryan#jewelry #bangles #witch

Samii Ryan x Glamour Kills

Check out some of the photos from when I shot with Glamour Kills in NYC! It was super cold outside, but I made it through the chilly weather wearing the most comfortable clothing ever! Enjoy these photos- hopefully I will have another project coming soon with GK! Also, check out their blog post they did… More »

WWD Magic Day #1

Hey Loves! I landed in beautiful Las Vegas at 10:30 in the morning and had to head straight to The Hard Rock hotel to put my bags down and refresh my face. The first night I stayed with Jessi Jae Joplin and Bebe Zeva. I had to speak at my first panel which was mostly… More »

Victoria Justice Wears By Samii Ryan in PSA

The always beautiful Victoria Justice is wearing By Samii Ryan’s “Beaded Hair Clip” in the new AT&T PSA to pledge to not texting and driving!

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You Spike Up My World

Happy Wacky Hair Wednesday! I lovelovelove spiked hair bands, so I dedicated a gallery full of ’em, with Samii Ryan head chains (buy them HERE) and ever the lovely Miss Hanna Beth lookin’ like a total babe in her spiked head piece. Would you rock the spiked head piece?! xx.

By Samii Ryan Outfit Spotlight

Hey Guys! This is a quick video update on my outfit of the day and some new products that are coming to By Samii Ryan tonight at midnight! Check it out! xoxo

What To Wear To Warped Tour

Hey Loves! As most of you know I am vending on 6 dates on the East Coast for this years Vans Warped Tour with By Samii Ryan. I will be selling my feathers, head chains, earrings, necklaces, flower crowns and a couple custom high waisted shorts from Deserted. I get asked this question ALL the… More »

Vote For By Samii Ryan In Chase Contest!

Everyone Help By Samii Ryan out & vote! To enter the contest just Click HERE, search By Samii Ryan and youre done! 


Buzznet Exclusive: 18 Years Of Warped Tour With T.Mills

I am so excited to be vending and attending this years Vans Warped Tour! So crazy that it’s been around for 18 years! Congrats Kevin Lyman. Dani Vitale and I got to…

Bonnaroo Adventures

Hey Guys! So as you all know I am vending Bonnaroo this weekend! Josh, Dave & I headed down from PA – TN Monday night. We arrived in the small city of Manchester TN, yesterday morning. After check in, we headed to our tent in the Centeroo Marketplace. I am really excited because we are… More »

A Little Blue

I dyed some of my old 22inch extensions with some Manic Panic dye! I am aquamarine now! I think I am digging it…

Instagram’s from Pittsburgh

Hey Loves, So right when my plane landed into Newark from LA I got a text saying my godfather passed away. Right at the baggage claim I started to tear up and get a swell in my throat, like that feeling you get right before you start to hysterically crying. So as Josh drove me… More »

Samii Ryan: The Bully Project

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Purple Lorac Smokey Eye Tutorial

Hey Gorgeous’s! (hahaha) Well, I have been wearing my make up like this for the past couple day and I have been getting so many people asking me to do a tutorial on it. Well here ya go people! The eye shadow I am using is from a Lorac pallette and I love the colors!… More »

Beauty Products I Use Everyday!

Hey loves! Here are some beauty products that love to use everyday! They range from makeup to shampoo. I love trying new products, but in the end it stick to my favorites… Check out the beauty products that I use on a daily basis. I reccomend all these products they’re amazing, so check them out… More »

Miley Cyrus Hunger Games Premiere Hair

Hey Beauties! Yesterday, Keltie tweeted at me asking me to do a hair tutorial on the Miley Cyrus hair at the Hunger Games Premiere. If you didn’t know I wear clip in extensions and I figured this was the perfect time to do a hair tutorial for people with short hair. I love this look… More »

How To Put On Head Chains

Hey Guys! This is a quick tutorial on how to put on head chains.. When I was at SXSW people were pretty nervous about trying this on and so many people were confused on how to put it on! Since then I have gotten SO many orders for head chains and I wanted to make… More »

By Samii Ryan & Deserted Popular Products

Hey Guys!! I decided to make a video showing you these fabulous products from By Samii Ryan & Deserted. Literally I love them all! I first showed you the popular products from They are all from the Spring 2012 Collection! They include the Cross Earring, Jasmine Paired Earrings, and Chain Headpiece. Use the coupon… More »

Brigette Bardot Inspired Hair

Hey Guys! I have been getting a ton of questions on how I have been doing my hair the last couple days, it is new to me but I love it! It is so big, voluminous, and pretty haha! It is inspired by Brigette Bardot, I have these weirdly growing out front bangs, and this… More »

Topaz Bronze Makeup Tutorial

Hey Beauties, Today I am doing a Topaz Bronze Makeup Tutorial. This is how I have been wearing my makeup recently and I have gotten a lot of people asking me to do a tutorial, so here it is! I am using the Lorac Topaz Bronze palette from Ulta. This is a great makeup look… More »

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