What It Means To Take Musical Risks

Musical risk. It's something that is slowly being lost amongst the younger musicians. Improvisation might be the main factor in "musical risk" and might arguably…
joeythunder Feb 18, 2014

#BuzznistaConfessions: It’s Almost 2014 Already?!

By Brooklyn Grey This year has been maddening for me between releasing (and not having time to promote) a single, a radio show gig, moving back…
Brooklyn Grey
Brooklyn Grey Dec 27, 2013

Buzznet Confessions: Which Path Is Right..Or The Miseducation On Twitter!

By Brooklyn Grey It's been a really long time since I wrote one of these confessionals and at first I didn't know what exactly to write…

The Buzznista Files: Who Says Their Ugly?!

By Brooklyn Grey Growing up in New York City, I was always soaked in culture. Whether it was music, art, fashion, the avant-garde underground collection of…
Brooklyn Grey
Brooklyn Grey Dec 13, 2013

The Buzznista Files: I AM KASEY, HEAR ME ROAR!

By Brooklyn Grey First time I heard of Kasey Smith, the artist formerly known as Romance On A Rocketship was on Myspace many moons ago. I…


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joeythunder Nov 26, 2013
You're my only Hopepic
joeythunder Nov 25, 2013

Watercolor Tattoos - Incredibly Beautiful and Creative

See the fantastic job of Victor Octaviano.       Can you see more in official page of Victor Octaviano . Source : hypeness Others    
Luck Nov 18, 2013


By Brooklyn Grey Look ma, I'm like a big girl now! All jokes aside I am loving being back on BUZZNET writing three times a week…
Brooklyn Grey
Brooklyn Grey Nov 12, 2013

The Buzznista Files: The Boy & The Beat!

nbsp;     By Brooklyn Grey With all the noise surrounding the EDM sounds including Progressive and Electro House, it’s no surprise that there are diamonds in…
Brooklyn Grey
Brooklyn Grey Nov 08, 2013

Buzznet Buzznista's Weekly Obsessions: A Clockwork Halloween!

It's that time of year again, Halloween and I couldn't think of better time to rejoin my Buzznet family but, this spooky, sexy and creepy…
Brooklyn Grey
Brooklyn Grey Oct 25, 2013

Let's talk about Coffee!

Today's blog! Hey guys! So for today's topic I wanted to make it a personal post. People would always tell me, "Why don't you…
Cynthia Marroquin
Cynthia Marroquin Oct 22, 2013