When We Speak (hosted by Jermaine Sain)

It is so difficult trying to schedule interviews, prepare for the interviews, edit the interview, blog about the interviews and much more!!!  I'M ONLY ONE…
whenwespeaktv Jul 09, 2014

Queen Bey Tops Forbes' Celeb 100 List At #1!

It shoud be no surprise that Beyonce, the award-winning, multi-talented songstress and diva, has earned another top spot but this time on the Forbes' Celeb…

Ariana Grande Announces New Album + Teases ‘Break Free’ Snippet

Recently, Ariana Grande took to Twitter to annouce her new album's title, "My Everything", along with its release date which is set for August 25, 2014. Ariana first…

Artist To Buzz About Summer '14: That Kid Gabe

The 22-year-old, native Bay Area artist, That Kid Gabe is ready to showcase to the world that he's got what it takes to be the…

Buzz up your lifestyle as a Mom

Becoming a mother is difficult work. From the beginning it needs lots of studying and preparing to deliver a healthful and great kid into this…
ironjoseph May 15, 2014

Moms focus on their little ones like no person

Babies... Little ones perform a huge role in our life. Little ones transform our daily life completely. Little ones transform us and our habits. Mothers…
vonrandy May 13, 2014

Vans Warped Tour Volunteer Guide!

nbsp; Hi guys it’s that time of year again! VANS WARPED TOUR! I am currently in the process of making a survival video guide with some…
jacklynnn May 06, 2014

"I couldn't wait for the summer and the Warped Tour"

blink-182 sang it best. Yes, it’s official – I’ll be performing at Warped Tour ’14! To say I’m honored and excited is an absolute understatement. For…
tessdunn Mar 27, 2014
If you take what's yours but give me mine.pic

If you take what's yours but give me mine.

This is a picture of this city view display of the River Valley and basically all of Russellville which is where I live here in…

Up & Coming Artist! Day By Day

From Greybull, Wyoming we have this up & coming metalcore band, Day By Day. Day By Day formed striving to spread a word to the…
B's Breakdown
B's Breakdown Mar 21, 2014
T. Mills Talks Tour and More!vid

T. Mills Talks Tour and More!

Got to sit down with Travis again and this time it was even funnier, part 2 includes a game and his opening acts. 
jacklynnn Mar 20, 2014
The Walking Dead's Lizzie Dishes About Her Zombie Plan!vid

The Walking Dead's "Lizzie" Dishes About Her Zombie Plan!

I have few television shows I'm actually obsessed with and one of them is The Walking Dead on AMC.  I had the pleasure to spend some time…
jacklynnn Mar 19, 2014

My Weekend With Zombies!

Hey guys just had a crazy weekend in Chicago at the Walker Stalker Convention, a bunch of TV's best were there including cast from The…
jacklynnn Mar 18, 2014

CONCERT REVIEW! Motionless In White, Like Moths To Flames, The Plot In You, & The Defiled!

Last Friday I'm not gonna continue with a Katy Perry song however I am going tell you about my Friday night. Last Friday night…

Here's A BUZZworthy Introduction...

Greetings friends, family & fellow readers! Welcome to my blog!   I've created this blog for one simple reason. Music. Yes that is the simplest way…