10 “Ugly” Holiday Sweaters That Are Actually Cute

Did you get invited to an ugly sweater party this holiday season? Well, as much as they’re called ugly sweaters, we at Buzznet actually live for ugly sweaters! We know that not everybody is into them, hence the reason why there is an ugly holiday sweater party to begin with! LOL. Check out these so-called… More »

10 Glitzy Heels To Glam Up Your Holidays!

Now that Thanksgiving’s over and Black Friday’s still going on, why not start your holiday shopping right now and glam up your feet! From embellished heels to other shimmery footwear, we’re sure you’ll be shining brighter than your Christmas tree lights. Check out these 10 shimmery, glitzy heels that will brighten up your holiday season!… More »

5 Outfits To Release Your Inner ‘Gangnam Style!’

There’s NO denying how catchy (and just how refreshing) this song makes you feel. We’re not talking about just some regular pop music, it’s some psychedelic stuff here. Unless you’ve been living under the rock the past couple of months , you and your friends already know the addictive melody and yes, the constant pelvic… More »

Deck Out Your Wardrobe With Embellished Clothes!

Thanks to bloggers everywhere DIYing those Dolce & Gabanna embellished flower glasses (yowza!), it certainly makes wearing embellished clothes a lot more fun. From embellished Doc Martens to hair accessories, it’s fun to feel bedazzled by all those jewels and rhinestones even if you’re no longer a kid! Check out some of these embellished wear… More »

Get Fruity! Pineapple Themed Clothes You’ll Die For

Ever since Rihanna stepped out in that super adorable pineapple-print romper, I couldn’t get my mind off of the tasty, juicy fruit! While most clothes featuring fruit are mainly from the berry family, I’m glad the tangy fruit finally has an act of its own. In honour of Rihanna’s recent great fashion taste, here are… More »

You Can Get Carly Rae Jepsen’s MuchMusic Awards Dress (It’s Only $96!)

While it seems that most of y’all were on the fence of Carly Rae Jepsen’s other MuchMusic Awards Cleopatra-inspired outfit, we’re pretty sure you’ll heart this one.…

Feel Peachy With These Beachy Dresses

It’s almost that time again: beach season! While you’re probably done shopping for those cute cover-ups make sure to wear some of these peachy keen dresses underneath when you’re lounging at the beach. Even if you don’t swim (or tan), at least wearing these beachy, summery dresses will make ya feel like you do both!… More »

Get Peppy With These Peplum Clothes!

Need an instant “pep me up?” If so, you can always try the peplum style. Gone are the days when only royalty wore peplum dresses; now anyone who wants an instant hourglass figure can easily achieve that. Whether it’s a peplum top or skirt, investing in one will do wonders to your body. Fitted at… More »

11 Down To Earth Dresses For Earth Day

If y’all didn’t know, Earth Day is coming up (to be exact, it’s this Sunday), and since you are living on Earth after all, why not pay a little homage to this day by wearing some fun, flowy frocks to celebrate? Since Earth Day was introduced during the hippie era, we thought these loose silhouette… More »

Foodie Fashion You Can Actually Wear!

When it comes to food, who doesn’t enjoy eating it? But what if, yes what if you can actually wear it instead AND still look pretty darn adorable? Plus, you can indulge all that goodness without those added calories. Yes, I’m telling you that it’s possible, girls! From fruity dresses to yummy candilicious tops, these… More »

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