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Bobbi Kristina’s best friend claims Nick Gordon regularly beat her

With Bobbi Kristina’s fate tragically sealed after being moved to a hospice to pass away in peace, her longtime boyfriend, Nick Gordon, has been facing…
Denzel Hurd
Denzel Hurd Jul 03, 2015
Jovone Brownpic

Jovone Brown

Jovone Brown  
mickelvettore Jun 15, 2015

“11 Secrets To Better Time Management For Entrepreneurs" by Jovone Brown

Why wait for success when you can literally schedule it! By mastering your time, you can accomplish much more with less effort. Be choosey…
jamesnells Jun 15, 2015

A few of the Various kinds Foot Boot footwear for ladies?

Shoes are a very significant and clear part of brown ankle boots a woman's closet. Adult females consider this truly meaningful to get a cabinet…
galderma200 Apr 20, 2015