Buzznet’s Allstar Girls Of Rock

In honor of All Star Month here on Buzznet I decided to add some photos to this lovely gallery and re feature it because let’s be honest…these ladies are our rock Allstars! I am a very big fan of anything Rock n’ Roll so of course I had to show some love to some of… More »

Hear It First: The Victory Lap Released New Single “California”

Hey Music Lovers, To all of you who checked out my previous blog on The Victory Lap and decided to be in love with this band, Feast your eyes and ears on this video of their new single “California” and thank me later 😉 xo Britt

Porcelain Black Marries Model Bradley Soileau?!

So I found this news out and wanted to know the truth so I looked it up and came across this instagram photo and tweet: “To everyone who’s confused, yes, me and @PorcelainBlack are…

Want To Be A “Hall Of Famer”?!

I clearly am a music lover of all kinds and absolutely love nothing more than spreading good talent around, so I am beyond excited to introduce an amazing hip hop group to you called “<a…

The Air I Breathe – Deliverance

So if you are like me and still actually enjoy watching music videos (how vintage of us right?) I highly suggest checking this one out! It’s for a song called “Deliverance” from the album Great Faith In Fools by The Air I Breathe. These guys are always on the road so if you like this… More »

Buzznet Exclusive: The Victory Lap Q&A

Looking for new music? Welp I was introduced to an up and coming band the other day The Victory Lap, that I felt I needed to share with you all!!! This band from good…

25 Drummers Under 25!

Since I was a little girl I have always loved percussion and drums. I don’t know why but it’s been my favorite instrument to watch and learn about! I always tend to watch the drummer at shows; I feel like they are such a crucial part of the performance, yet many people tend to forget… More »

Buzznet Exclusive: My Genuine Find Q&A

Sometimes I come across people in the most random of ways and we find a way to stay in touch forever. That was the case when I met my friend Bobby Mares at…

The Color Morale Interview Brittany Lee

Hey guys, as you saw I did a one word interview a few weeks back with The Color Morale! They decided to put the spotlight on me and ask ME some questions, here…

The Ship Of Dreams: Titanic In 3D

If you ask anyone who knows me pretty well from my childhood what one of my favorite movies is, the answer will be Titanic. Not only have I been in love with the ocean…

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