Where ya been

Work and breakups and stuff

More things because whatever

I’m going through a bad breakup and I’m vimiting up words

Oh hey Buzznet

Remember me? I’ve been up to… stuff.

Say Anything at House of Blues

Say Anything bringing Anarchy, My Dear to life at the HOB Sunset Strip.

Peek a Boo

Hi Buzznet friends, how ya been?

I’ve been at my new gig (at Live Nation Labs) a week now but it’s such a head rush it feels like longer. I’m pretty stoked on it because it’s…

Hot Guy Of The Day: Gavin Rossdale

Just being all hot with his band Bush at Soundwave and stuff.

Music Notes 2/27

As I approach my last few days workin’ at Buzznet, I deliver you these morsels of music news.

Seth Rogen slams Chris Brown

New Regina Spektor single

New music video from Bon Iver


Brazil, Why U So Crazy?

This morning a video of Andy Biersack from Black Veil Brides getting mauled at a show in Brazil was posted on Absolutepunk. It was from about a month ago (January 20th), but still relevant…

Dear Buzznet

Next Wednesday is my last day as a full time employee of Buzznet. I’ve been here SIX YEARS which is almost longer than I’ve had my favorite pair of jeans, three times as long as…

Dear Paris Hilton, What The Actual Fuck?

Paris Hilton has returned to pop music with a new song, “Drunk Text.” Kind of. This might just be her dipping her toe into the world of spoken word performance, because there is no actual…

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