News Flash! Calvin Harris Has Broken Up With Taylor Swift

OMFG…the unbelievable has happened. After 15 months of bliss, adorbs Instagram PDA, vacations, dates, friend hangs and supporting each other’s careers, Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris have split. Nooooo! While details are still a little fuzzy, a source tells Us Weekly, ““It just wasn’t working anymore.” The relationship may have run it’s course, but another insider… More »

Dec. 30th: Holiday Hangover Thoughts…?

Dec: 30th P.S I Love You

As the holiday season starts to end, the New Year is just around the corner; reality starts to…

December 19th: Ohio is for Lovers

Ohio. Home. Where my heart is. Also the title of my favorite and only song I know by Hawthorne Heights…

Where I learned to love. I learned to love people, myself, dance, things, places, feelings…

Developing Story: Go Radio Announce Breakup


Okay here’s the latest! Alex Reed and Steven Kopacz who spoke to Alt Press about the break up. 

Here’s their response to Jason’s apperance on the Guns Show.

Jason recently did an interview…

The 10 Stages Of Breakup Grieving, As Told By Britney Spears

It’s Britney Spears day on Idolator, and we’re bringing you a full day’s worth of Britney-related content from a host of all-star contributors — and this one comes courtesy of Jordan Miller

Question Of The Day: Have You Ever Had To Break Up With Someone?

Break ups happen. They usually happen for weird things like “we’re just two different people” or the ever infamous “it’s not you, it’s me.” When they do happen, they suck –

The Art Of Being Not Cool

I don’t like to live a life of grudges, hate, or I wish that never happened. If I get burned, I just go on with my life and while most people never talk to that…

Youtube Evolution Of: My Chemical Romance

Music Lovers,

Here we meet again on another Friday. I plan to make this Good Friday a GREAT Friday with another Youtube Evolution that I KNOW YOU WILL LOVE!

Today we will showcase…

Single Celebrities On Valentine’s Day

[brightcove id=2163509769001 type=videoPlayer autoplay=0]

Are you facing Valentine’s day alone? Well you’re in good company! This year, the biggest stars are single this February 14!

Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift, Britney Spears and Jennifer Lawrence are just…

Finish The Caption: Taylor Swift Posts In Studio Instagram Photo

Taylor Swift is mourning her break up with One Direction‘s Harry Styles the best why she knows how, by writing a song or two about it. That a girl! 

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