Youtube Evolution Of: My Chemical Romance

Reblogged from Brittany Lee Music Lovers, Here we meet again on another Friday. I plan to make this Good Friday a GREAT Friday with another Youtube Evolution…
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laureneff Apr 02, 2014

Kids In Glass Houses Announce Split

One of Britain`s most talented, and underrated band called it a day earlier today. It didn`t came as a surprise. Rumours had been in the…
dora Feb 26, 2014
Breakups - 'Guilty No More'vid

Breakups - 'Guilty No More'

Hello Buzzers! Sometimes no matter how hard you try, some things are bound to break. Love is like a house of cards – it has to…
Sina Lloyd
Sina Lloyd Feb 09, 2014

What Christina Perri's New Music Video "Human" Means To Me

ldquo;I can turn it on Be a good machine I can hold the weight of worlds If that's what you need Be your everything” -Christina Perri- It is in perfect timing…
Dani Vitale
Dani Vitale Jan 03, 2014

Dec. 30th: Holiday Hangover Thoughts...?

Dec: 30th P.S I Love You As the holiday season starts to end, the New Year is just around the corner; reality starts to set back…
Dani Vitale
Dani Vitale Dec 30, 2013

December 19th: Ohio is for Lovers

Ohio. Home. Where my heart is. Also the title of my favorite and only song I know by Hawthorne Heights... Where I learned to love…
Dani Vitale
Dani Vitale Dec 18, 2013
Britney: Get Over A Breakup By Getting A New Guy!pic

Britney: Get Over A Breakup By Getting A New Guy!

Britney filled in for Ryan Seacrest as a radio host on American Top 40 this weekend, revealing the theme behind “Britney Jean” as well as…
Mimi K.
Mimi K. Dec 09, 2013
Preview Of Britneys ET Interviewpic

Preview Of Britney’s ET Interview

Britney sat down with ET Thursday evening before her album listening party to reveal an inside look at her personal life with David Lucado, whom…
Mimi K.
Mimi K. Nov 23, 2013


Till Death Do Us Part.... AND THEN SOME !!!
offplanetfilms Nov 12, 2013

Jonas Brothers Call It Quits :(

So it's officially been announced...the Jo-Bros are no more :(  We all kinda knew something serious was sure to arise after the boys cancelled their U.S…