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6 Signs It’s Time To Give Up The Guy Who Doesn’t Deserve You

When someone you have major feels for is nothing short of reckless with your emotions, it’s time to take stock of why you keep allowing your heart to get beat up. While it’s way easier said than done to cut your crush loose, you gotta have faith there is someone way better who is wondering… More »

How To Deal With A Holiday Break Up

We’ve all experienced the heartache of breaking up with someone, but when it happens during the holidays, the stab to the heart feels just a little bit deeper. You might have prezzies wrapped and ready to give, only to unwrap and return in January. Mistletoe will go unused and New Years is going to start… More »

SPOTTED: Joe Jonas Partying Post-Break Up At Paris Nightclub In Chicago


We’re genuinely sad to hear about Joe Jonas‘ recent split from girlfriend of almost two years, Blanda Eggenschwiler. The pair, who were rumored to be on the rocks, have…

What Christina Perri’s New Music Video “Human” Means To Me

“I can turn it on

Be a good machine

I can hold the weight of worlds

If that’s what you need

Be your everything”

-Christina Perri-

It is in…

Nina Dobrev Strikes Curious Pose And Talks Single Life On Cosmo Cover

The Vampire Diaries’ breakout starlet, Nina Dobrev, graces the cover of Cosmo this month. (All you Degrassi: The Next Generation fans out there know she was killing it in teen dramaland in Canada years before…

Taylor Swift And Harry Styles Are Officially Over!

Just when we had high hopes for Taylor Swift‘s love life, it seems like luck just isn’t on her side! The 23-year-old pop-country…

Celebrity Make Ups And Break Ups Of 2012

Hollywood romances are so unpredictable, but one thing that remains constant is break ups and make ups! Celebrities easily transition from being hot to not. While some break up only to make up, others just break up and move on. Here are some of our favorite celeb romances of 2012! Which celeb make up or… More »

Kat Von D And Deadmau5’s Messy Breakup: Is Chelsea Kane To Blame?

Kat Von D just can’t catch a break when it comes to matters of the heart! After all, the unlucky-in-love celeb tattoo artist…

Are Robert Pattinson And Kristen Stewart Secretly Back Together?

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart‘s relationship seemed to end with a rocky demise after her cheating scandal with director Rupert Sanders. After the news of the scandal broke, it was…

What Happens When You Break Up

There’s no sugar-coating the truth: breaking up is hard to do. Amidst all the hurt, tears and heartache – and the fact that you probably never want to see that person again – there’s some essential things you need to think about. It’s recently surfaced that newly broken up celeb couple Robert Pattinson and Kristen… More »

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