How to increase the sales volume of your products

Everybody knows that publicity is of vital importance to a kind of newly developed product and a company. To a newly developed product, the market…
nicolewei Aug 27, 2015

Proper ways of selling bra

I believe that all of you know the effect of advertising which can reach a large number of customers at a low cost. Although the…
nicolewei Aug 26, 2015

The most successful Asian model

I bet that most of people know the most famous underwear show---Victoria’s Secret. And the models on this show are the most fantastic women..But today…
nicolewei Aug 24, 2015

Best Valentine’s Day gift---underwear

Today is the traditional valentine’s day in China, couples all get up so early to spent the whole special day with each other, which causes…
nicolewei Aug 19, 2015

The correct way of wearing bra

Typically deformation of the chest or the occurring of the fat are due to the incorrect way of wearing underwear. Ignoring the correct way to…
nicolewei Aug 18, 2015

What does bra mean to women?

Underwear for women, is not just a piece of clothing but a kind of language, it can interpret her character and apathy. Underwear like another…
nicolewei Aug 12, 2015

Sexy or comfortable, which one will you choose?

Nowadays, women are willing to pay money for what makes them look more beautiful, even for their underwear. Although the bras and panties are dressed…
nicolewei Aug 10, 2015

How to choose bra

As a woman, bra is our close partner, described as indispensable. But in our daily life, there are about 70% of women do not know…
nicolewei Aug 09, 2015

Why do women need bra

It is a fact that every woman needs to wear bra, but I doubt that whether every woman know why she has to wear bra…
nicolewei Aug 06, 2015

Iindispensable stuff for women---bra

Every women in the world must wear bra every day to keep the gorgeous shape of her body. They know exactly what would happen if…
nicolewei Aug 04, 2015

Choosing a Divination System - Tarot, Runes Or I-Ching?

There are plenty of divination systems out there, allowing people to foretell the future events. Europe is known for Tarot cards, that was really a…
stemwater02 Mar 20, 2015