Mama Mendoza
Mama Mendoza Aug 20, 2013

Swiftly In Love: What We Can All Learn From Taylor Swift

Country/pop megastar Taylor Swift is known for her honest lyrics, gorgeous locks, and of course, her famous ex-boyfriends. It’s no secret that she’s pretty ‘swift&rsquo…
Tina Jan 15, 2013

Bookies Bet On Robert Pattinson's Love Life! (VIDEO)

There are a lot of ladies out there who would give good money to date newly single Robert Pattinson. Apparently there are also some bookmakers…

Taylor Swift Shows Some PDA With Conor Kennedy (VIDEO)

Has Taylor Swift found her prince charming in some American royalty? She's been spotted recently with Conor Kennedy, son of Robert F. Kennedy Jr., at…

Something I've learned from shows..

Be infront of couples!   That it’s better to be in front of them. Boyfriends tend to hug their girlfriends and if you’re behind them they tend…
marilynmango Jun 06, 2012

How To Recover From Being "One Of The Boys"

You've been just "One of the guys" for as long as you remeber, and now, you're getting sick of it, Katy Perry makes being "Onea'…

6 Sign’s it’s time to let your best male friend/boyfriend go.

So lately I’ve been thinking how much is to much I love my best friend but theres only so much I can take after I…
Lithiumrainbow May 02, 2012


Realize that you don’t want to date every guy that finds you attractive, the same goes for him. Think of all the men you have…
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Dani Vitale
Dani Vitale Mar 07, 2012
Lonely? Hell no!vid

Lonely? Hell no!

We aren't lonely, look at all the people all around us.
Sam Riley XoXo
Sam Riley XoXo Oct 27, 2011

102 Dalmations

Such a great weekend.  Actually 2 weekends. My life has been going really awesome.  Last week I had a long 4 day weekend so I…
itsjustjessa Oct 16, 2011


There is so much bullshit drama in everybodys lives, and I don't understand why? Is it because we are ALL jealous of peoples friendships? Is…
Justin Spracklin
Justin Spracklin Jul 31, 2011


I've been having a hard time telling my boyfriend that I love him. I really feel that I do. But I just have a hard…
lizerbeth Mar 12, 2011


it's been way too long! i shall blog my brains out ahahah so okay well where do i begin? hmmmmmm my life is doing okay…
Chenelle Jessica
Chenelle Jessica Jan 06, 2011

A love photo shoot

The team! Ruben Martins xo
rubenmartins Dec 18, 2010

Plan B is offically approved.

Hey there buzznet.. How is life?? well mine is juuust peachy.. peachy as in it sucks.. well thats not entirely true... i mean i have…
Chenelle Jessica
Chenelle Jessica Nov 20, 2010