nbsp;My Chemical Romance their new CD /DVD set was supposed to be released at the end of March. My husband went on the day it…
BIZARRELAND Apr 14, 2014

I'm writing a book

I forgot to mention earlier that I'm also in the process of starting a book, it's not something I'd like to talk about yet because…
Lithiumrainbow Apr 14, 2014

On James Frey's "A million little pieces"

Reblogged from sunitaanja I just finished reading "A million little pieces" by James Frey. I have wanted to read this book for years, ever since we had…
meirhaim Apr 13, 2014 Originally by sunitaanja

On James Frey's "A million little pieces"

I just finished reading "A million little pieces" by James Frey. I have wanted to read this book for years, ever since we had to read…
sunitaanja Apr 12, 2014
Radial Faith: Gift of Time Book Trailervid

Radial Faith: Gift of Time Book Trailer

Trailer for the novel Radical Faith: Gift of Time
radicalfaithent Apr 12, 2014

At T To Offer Unlimited Mobile To Cellular Contacting With A Capture

Apple's iOS devices are, among other things, great digital music players. The built-in iPad app permits users browse music, podcasts and audio books with no…
numerousschedul31 Apr 04, 2014

Skills Required To Be A Game Designer

Considered as the fastest means of communication, a mobile phone is the most desired thing which one must have to catch up with the pace…
numerousschedul31 Apr 04, 2014

On the brilliance of Sirius Black

Yesterday I've seen a picture of some children and teachers dressing up as their favorite book character. And I wondered: Who is my favorite book…
sunitaanja Mar 22, 2014
Children's Story - The Hometown Sluggersvid

Children's Story - The Hometown Sluggers

Buy the hardback book: this children's story video for kids Tayla tells the tale of "The Hometown Sluggers". This is a great bedtime story…
teatimewithtayla Mar 10, 2014

Katelyn's Book Shelf: Before I Go to Sleep by S.J. Watson

You are what you remember. So what if you lost everything you remember every night when you go to sleep? Depending only on the stories…
Katelyn Annyce
Katelyn Annyce Mar 10, 2014

What exactly are the male enhancement workouts while in the manhood advantage

This would most likely are the most effective method of increasing your sexual health. But, the reality regarding most with the chemical-based products is that…
boysturkey61 Mar 08, 2014
Sweet Temptations:The Babysitter Trailer 2014vid

Sweet Temptations:The Babysitter Trailer (2014)

The Trailer of my new book, Sweet Temptation: The Babysitter. (
darkinferno1990 Mar 06, 2014

BSTA # 41 What moves me

Hi! So the assignment is about to end and what a poor guest admin I would be if I haven't posted my story! ;-) I realized that…
Tommorow Mar 01, 2014

An Interview With Cat Winters, Author of In the Shadow of Blackbirds

I was beyond ecstatic this week to have the chance to interview the author of In the Shadow of Blackbirds and 2014 William C. Morris YA…
East of Edenpic

East of Eden

A book that proves what families can truly get through together, as long as they have love. I'm reading it at the moment, actually.
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malmo777 Feb 27, 2014