Kylie Jenner Is Accused Of Photoshopping A Wart On Her Knee…LOL

Ready for some Friday LOLs? Fans are freaking out over a romantically cute pic Tyga posted to his Instagram of Kylie Jenner on his lap while on vacation together. No, fan minds are not getting blown over what’s going on between Tyga and Kylie, but on what looks to be a huge brown wart on… More »

Fashion & Style: 4th of July Inspiration!

Get your inspiration for nail art, bikinis, fashion, and makeup all blended into one awesome gallery for the 4th of July! What are y’all doing for this special holiday?

Would You Rock: A Bikini With Sleeves?

Crop tops were the trend of the summer last year, and they have only grown in popularity since then. However, their latest incarnation actually offers more coverage than the alternative. Crop top bikinis are bathing suits that feature regular bathing suit bottoms and a shirt-like top. Unlike their cousin, the tankini, the crop top bikini… More »

Our Favorite Buzznet Babes Show Off Their Beach Bodies!

Summer is here which means less layers and more and more sunshine! Some of our favorite Buzznet babes have revealed their beach ready body and they all look so great! Here is a gallery of some of our favorite ladies sporting their hard work and dedication to looking the best they possibly can!

Summer Kickoff! Memorial Day Inspired Red White & Blue Bikinis

Memorial Day weekend is the kick off to the summer! It’s time to bust out those bikinis ladies! In honor of this special day honoring remembering the men and women who died serving our country, I wanted to get a little red white and blue inspiration. What better way to kick off the summer than… More »

Vintage-Inspired Bathing Suits: Grandma Chic or Plain Old Frumpy?

If there’s anything that proves that you don’t have to show skin to be trendy at the beach, it’s the recent fashion influx of vintage-inspired bathing suits. Celebs like Bella Thorn, Cher Lloyd and Taylor Swift have all been spotted sporting the look, but is it better left to grandma? A couple years ago, if… More »

Hot Or Not? Cara Delevingne’s Teensy Chanel Bikini

Oh Cara Delevingne. Even in the skimpiest of fashions she will make the derpiest of faces. Some of the biggest models around…

30 Of The Best Shark Fashion!

IT IS THE START OF THE BEST WEEK EVER! SHARK WEEK!!! I seriously can’t express how much I love sharks, ugh the best! I used to have a small one as a pet and want a real big one day… a girl can dream right? Here are 30 of my fave shark fashion items…what is… More »

Bikini Season Spotlight: Mandalynn Swimwear

Summer… or as I call it, Bikini Season, is here in full swing. Summer vacation is upon us…. well for some of you. Not for me, but that’s okay! (Oh, the joys of…

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