Tips To Keep Your Dog Healthy & Safe This Season

By the looks of it, "Weeds" is starting to learn from its previous obstacles. While it's still not as witty and ironic as previous seasons…
leifdavis Apr 20, 2014
Item of the Day!pic

Item of the Day!

Items rings today are somewhat different, instead of stones animals have eyes on them! I really love them, besides being different is beautiful. I think that…
Mauna Jan 25, 2014
Redwood Forest, Californiapic

King Veno Mix January Edition

Dj King Veno Presents: Hush Music Ent Presents - King Veno Mix January Edition
hushmusicent Jan 17, 2014

Ways to Burn Fat All Day and Have A Great Sex Life

Your goal: Incinerating that persistent pad of blubber on your stomach The expert: Lonnie Lowery, PhD. He is a competitive bodybuilder, in addition to a professor…
bowl46tail Dec 17, 2013