Item of the Day!pic

Item of the Day!

Items rings today are somewhat different, instead of stones animals have eyes on them! I really love them, besides being different is beautiful. I think that…
Mauna Jan 25, 2014
Redwood Forest, Californiapic

King Veno Mix January Edition

Dj King Veno Presents: Hush Music Ent Presents - King Veno Mix January Edition
hushmusicent Jan 17, 2014

Ways to Burn Fat All Day and Have A Great Sex Life

Your goal: Incinerating that persistent pad of blubber on your stomach The expert: Lonnie Lowery, PhD. He is a competitive bodybuilder, in addition to a professor…
bowl46tail Dec 17, 2013

Big Data: Challenge or Opportunity?

Consider a simple example of going for a movie with your family: you send a tweet that you are going for a movie and create…
bodhtree Oct 24, 2013