6 Killer Girl Power Moments In 2016

Being a modern women isn’t always easy. It’s safe to argue that sexism still exists in 2016 with serious wage gaps and the attacks our girl Hillary had to endure during the presidential election. Before the state of this universe gets you feeling #dark, let’s try to focus on a few positive things shall we?… More »

Love Or Leave: You Can Now Buy A “Normal Barbie” Doll!

I post all things Barbie on here from fashion, human Barbies, collectibles and everything in between! 

Today I saw something going viral online about the new…

Barbie Loves Wildfox!

Wildfox released a new Barbie themed lookbook today and I am IN LOVE! From the perfectly sculpted models to the amazing baby pink clothes and bright pink corvette…they gave us the whole package! Now we just need to see the perfect Ken 😉 Would you step back into your childhood and rock these Barbie inspired… More »

Celebrities As Barbies!

Remember My Size Barbie? Yeah, me too… but have you ever wanted to see your favorite celebrities as Barbies? Well here is your chance! I pulled some of my personal favorite celeb Barbie dolls. Take a look through and comment on YOUR favorite doll!

Real Life Barbie

I remember growing up there were collectible Barbies, Life Size Barbie, and of course the classics. What if there was a real Barbie? WELL…there is quite a few actually. Some of these girls have dedicated their lives to looking like a doll and rock it. What are your thoughts on these real life dolls?

My Barbie Inspired Photoshoot!

I recently got to shoot with the talented Ashley Osborn who always kills it. We decided to have a little Barbie inspired moment. I am so in love with body suits, what are your thoughts?

Vintage Barbie Dolls

As I mentioned before, I love Barbies and all things Barbie related! The Barbie brand has transformed over the years from the classic vintage to what we have today. Here is a gallery of the classic vintage Barbie that started it all! What are your thoughts on vintage? Related Articles: The Best Barbie Fashion!

Hot Or Not: Armor For Barbies

Jim Rodda created more than amazing project. I think about 3D printed medieval armor for Barbies. This idea was funded through Kicksarter and was a great success. Please, say me what…

I Can’t Believe You’re Human: Alina Kovalevskaya

Moon Babies, Meet Alina Kovalevskaya – the newest, more natural life-size Barbie to take the internet by storm. The Ukrainian viral sensation, who has gained this attention for her doll-like appearance, maintains that she is not made of plastic…that she simply enhances what she already has with some makeup tricks, hair extensions, and contact lenses…. More »

#BubbleGothTastic!: Corey Grayhorse Photography

Moon Babies, Meet the amazing Corey Grayhorse! Through her photography, the Rhode Island based artist uses incredibly vivid colors, fantastical locations, super unique characters, and a meticulous attention to detail in order to create a platform where her work “becomes a window into a fantastic dream world, drawing [her] audience in.” Corey expresses, “In my… More »

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