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iwrestledabearonce Drummer Drops a Bomb: A Warped Tour Rival Is In the Works

For years, Warped Tour has been pretty unchallenged as the cross country summer "punk" (and I use the term loosely in recent years) tour.  With…
Ashly May 13, 2011


The year is coming to an end, which means it is time to do highlights of what happend. Let's see: January- I can recall hating my Algebra…
marilynmango Dec 31, 2010
Breesays 2010 PICTURE PARTYvid

Breesays 2010 PICTURE PARTY

Music: Movie Loves a Screen by April Smith and the Great Picture Show / Crazy Beautiful Life by Ke$ha
breesays Dec 26, 2010
Forever the Sickest Kidspic

Forever the Sickest Kids

Nassau Coliseum, Long Island June 26, 2010 © Angela Datre
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angeladatre Dec 11, 2010
1. Bamboozle Roadshowpic

1. Bamboozle Roadshow

1) I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to play on this years Bamboozle Roadshow. You never know what to expect at the beginning…
Stereo Skyline
Stereo Skyline Nov 11, 2010


Bamboozle Roadshow 2010 @ Festival Pier, Penns Landing (Full recap of the show later tonight. Promise!) I was walking around the merch area looking for the…
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iamjewasian Aug 17, 2010
Zack Merrick of All Time Low at Six Flagsvid

Zack Merrick of All Time Low at Six Flags

Zack and his robot friend talk about what's going on at Six Flags.
californiagurl Aug 04, 2010 Originally by aviva
Joel Madden -- Vampire Chic or Creature of the Night?pic

Joel Madden -- Vampire Chic or Creature of the Night?

Joel and bro Benji made a killer comeback this summer on the Bamboozle Roadshow!
jennaflower Jul 23, 2010

Daily Music Dose - The Ready Set

Reblogged from purplecandie The Ready Set is Jordan Witzigreuter Hailing from Fort Wayne, Indiana, Jordan Witzigreuter created The Ready Set at only age 16 after being in…
erinnncatherine Jul 20, 2010 Originally by purplecandie

A little Bamboozle Roadshow quick recap?

nbsp;    So because there was a threat of "rain"...I got to the venue at around 7 pm just in time to catch All Time…
Erica Owens
Erica Owens Jul 12, 2010

BUZZ GUIDE: The Downtown Fiction & A-Skars

I'm usually one for lengthy explanations but this week I feel like MY HEAD MIGHT ESPLODE so this is the lightning blitz version of Buzz…
breesays Jul 09, 2010


Seriously, purple is my new favorite color. From Long Island Bamboozle Roadshow --- before the after party alcohol kicked in. Photo by DANNI O.
Erica Owens
Erica Owens Jul 07, 2010

7 Non-Obvious Tour Essentials

Being out on the road for requires a lot of improv and the ability to just roll with the punches. On this tour I really…
breesays Jul 07, 2010