contact youtube directly ritualvid

contact youtube directly ritual

a short skit on how to contact youtube directly
frozencraftblast Aug 13, 2014
Professor Snape Harry Potter Songvid

Professor Snape (Harry Potter Song)

If your looking for a quick summery of all 8 Harry Potter films in the form of an epic song.. This is the music video…
shaneb Aug 09, 2014
Audrey Kitching's New Brand 'Wear Luna'pic

Audrey Kitching's New Brand 'Wear Luna'

Audrey always puts out awesome merch, and her new brand, Wear Luna is wonderful. Focusing on Cardigans, pullovers and rockin tees Wear Luna automatically became…
melodyerin Aug 01, 2014
Optimus Prime: Transformers Song Out TakesBloopersvid

Optimus Prime: Transformers Song (Out Takes/Bloopers)

A short collection of audio clips from the Optimus Prime Song of me messing up on the lyrics.. As I do :D   Song Professionally Blundered By…
shaneb Jul 20, 2014
New trend Hipster Beard of Flower for menpic
Gandalf The White: LOTR Song Out TakesBloopersvid

Gandalf The White: LOTR Song (Out Takes/Bloopers)

WARNING: EXPLICIT LANGUAGE Here lay the recordings of me screwing up some of the lyrics to my Gandalf The White lord Of The Rings Song! Song Professionally…
shaneb Jul 08, 2014
Master Chief: Halo Song Out TakesBloopersvid

Master Chief: Halo Song (Out Takes/Bloopers)

WARNING: EXPLICIT LANGUAGE Here are the recordings of me blundering through some of the lyrics to my Master Chief Halo Song!   Song Professionally Screwed Up By: Shane…
shaneb Jul 05, 2014
Happy Birthday Sisvid

Happy Birthday Sis

Sometime's you just have to sing your heart out for your #sister on her #birthday...   Edited, Filmed, Written, Recorded, & Performed by: Shane Blair
shaneb Jul 05, 2014


Cool things that I used today, Here I collect and describe cool things I found today. This can include apps, shops, food, money, ideas, ...
jerrydemond Jul 02, 2014
5 crazy facts about dreamsvid

5 crazy facts about dreams

5 crazy facts about dreams 
frozencraftblast Jun 29, 2014
Master Chief Halo Songvid

Master Chief (Halo Song)

I dedicated much of my life to this game, so here is my tribute to the first 3 games of the amazing series and most…
shaneb Jun 22, 2014
Gandalf The White Lord Of The Rings Songvid

Gandalf The White (Lord Of The Rings Song)

For probably my all time favorite movie series, here is my tribute to one great character. This is the best I could squeeze these massive…
shaneb Jun 22, 2014
Lads We Use To Knowvid

Lads We Use To Know

(In poetic Irish accent) Here lies the tale of my closest gents and some of the fondest memories from my youth. The events in this…
shaneb Jun 22, 2014
Il Duce Boondock Siants Songvid

Il Duce (Boondock Siants Song)

A tribute to one the most badass cult classics around for none other than a badass character himself.. In Nomine Patris, et Fili, et Spiritus…
shaneb Jun 22, 2014
Commander Shepard Mass Effect Songvid

Commander Shepard (Mass Effect Song)

Here's a song for one of the best video game series of all time, Mass Effect. Quite possibly one of the most epic stories ever…
shaneb Jun 22, 2014