Avril Lavigne

Avril Lavigne -Fly (New Song)

Listen now to Avril Lavigne’s brand new song “Fly” in its entirety. The inspiring mid-tempo is going to fulfill two purposes: first, all proceeds will go to…
Ann Wissner
Ann Wissner Apr 15, 2015
Summer's almost here! quotepic
preciousstone Apr 14, 2015

Avril Lavigne Had Lyme Disease?

Oh jeeez...this is scary news. Remember when Avril Lavigne posted a very vague message to Twitter late last year letting the world know she was…
AmehKristine Apr 01, 2015

Avril Lavigne Give You What You Like OFFICIAL VIDEO

Avril Lavigne - Give You What You Like... by gentaa Please wrap your drunken arms around me And I'll let you call me yours tonight 'Cause slightly broken's…
Ann Wissner
Ann Wissner Feb 10, 2015