7 Online Stores With Awesome Fall Basics on the Cheap

In shocking news, Thanksgiving is just a couple weeks away. Insane, right? No matter what part of the country you call home, it’s probably time to bundle up, pile on the layers, and pull out a strong sweater game. If you’re struggling to get your fall fashion staples, we’re here to help. Here are seven… More »

Get Vanessa Hudgens’ White Hot Summer Bag For Less

Vanessa Hudgens is taking advantage of the summer months by rocking a white bag as her everyday purse. Her tote, by Oroton is sold out (and half a grand), but you can get…

Get The Look: Casual Chic

I thought to create a serie of blogs dedicated to some of my favorite celebs looks: from red carpets through out & about shots.

I felt inspired after have checked few magazines…

Put A Lid On It! Summer Hats You Need Now!

Sooo summer is here and with all the warm weather and excitement in full swing, it’s time to start thinking about ways to spruce up your wardrobe without spending your entire savings account! If you add anything to your closet this summer season, it’s gotta be a cool hat. Whether you’re a snapback, floppy or… More »

Cyber Monday: The Best Deals For Cute Clothes And Cheap Electronics

Good morning fellow Buzznet-ers. Today is CYBER MONDAY, which means everyone too lazy to go shopping on Black Friday (or those of us who didn’t want to…

In Defense Of Scrunchies

Everything old is new again. It can’t be said enough. This latest trend, though, is sure to push some people overboard on the 90s trend bandwagon. The accessory once so universally hated it was…

Get The Look Gals: Feat. Alex Gaskarth

Hey gals,

Due to the success of my last post featuring Kellin Quinn, I felt it was only necessary to keep this going! 

This post is about one of your faves, Alex Gaskarth! Now you can girlify…

Nose Cuff: ASOS Are You Joking?

Today in ridiculous fashion that should get a buyer fired but probably didn’t – the ASOS studded nose cuff. I must note, you can allegedly wear this as an ear cuff which instantly makes…

Style Steal: Kristen Stewart’s Chanel Look

Not everyone can be styled by Karl Lagerfeld. However, that doesn’t mean that the look that Kristen Stewart wore to the designer’s Chanel couture show is totally unattainable!

The classic Chanel tweed jacket is made modern…

Getting Fancy 101: ASOS Salon Collection

ASOS just released a new collection of dresses that are GORGEOUS. They’re vintage inspired, with beautiful detailing and bright colors, perfect for summer. The price point is a little steep, but this collection…

7 Onesies You Absolutely Need

I came across these Kigu onesies on the ASOS websites and almost cried of happiness. These are the cutest things I have ever seen! I might just need to make this purchase, and…

Love The Line: H&M Concious Exclusive

There is nothing better than when retailers jump the line that is fashion hierarchy and make truly high-fashion pieces available to consumers. Anyone who has seen The Devil Wears Prada or “The Rachel Zoe Project” knows how it normally goes: designers show their work on the runways, stylists and high-end retailers buy it, so that… More »

Fashion Up: Aubrey Plaza for ASOS’ Interactive Magazine

I’m going to go ahead and admit, I love Aubrey Plaza (actress in some of my favorites like: Parks and Recreation and Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World) …so I was very excited to see her fronting the March 2013 issue of ASOS‘ Fashion Up app. The actress, shot by Danielle Levitt, looks great wearing bedazzled… More »

Cute And Cozy Hats Perfect For Spring

Hello Loves! It’s still bitter cold here on the east coast and now that I have a short hair cut, my ears are being exposed to this 21 degree weather! I decided to put together a gallery of adorable hats that are super cute and will look great in spring. These are all from ASOS…. More »

Diamond Ear Cuffs

I have been seeing Diamond Ear Cuffs all over runways and model‘s as of lately! I found one at ASOS for $60 and couldn’t help myself. When your running out the door and throw your hair in a messy ballerina bun this is the PERFECT thing to bring messy yoga hair back to life. Also… More »

Charlotte Free For ASOS: Christmas Collection (VIDEO)

I seriously can’t get enough of pink-haired beauty Charlotte Free.  She was recently spotted showing off her best moves in ASOS’s Christmas 2012 campaign video, wearing…


You might have seen on my Twitter that I was lucky enough to guest curate a collection for one of my favorite shops in the ASOS Marketplace. Basically, I got to go through racks and racks of amazing vintage clothing and make outfits that felt….me. I fell in love with a few pieces, the bird… More »

Real GIRLS Have Curves: Lena Dunham For ASOS

I love me some Lena Dunham and am ALWAYS excited to see her in clothes that live up to her overachieving “voice of a generation” brain. Not only does she seem to sum up my life into witty, Brooklyn-y words, but then she goes ahead and gets a mo’ fuggin obscure Grey Gardens tattoo (comment… More »

Around The World

95% of the items this week are from Asos and Topshop… so obsessed! I also fell in LOVE with Unif’s new shirt… haha, so true! Any interesting finds for 4th of July? xx.

Get Lost

Ugh, so I’m a day late on the fashion finds of the week! Anytime I tried to post this, it told me there was a server error and I have tried multiple times, but thank goodness it’s working again! Well, I have managed to collect a Union Jack Mullet Tank from Asos, a Get Lost… More »

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