Tattoos I Want

There are a bunch of tattos that I want before I get old and flacid. So if you want to check them out here they…
Fandi 13 hrs ago

What I Be Project

Freedom has always been in our veins. It does not matter where you live. We are all equal and we have a right to be…
Forbidden 21 hrs ago

Will Costa + Color Pencils + Celebrities = Amazing ART

Hy Guys! Well, inaugurating the blog, I wanted to share with you an artist here from Brazil that with color pencil, realistic traits and a…
Priscila Oliver
Priscila Oliver Apr 19, 2014

The Necessity Of Progressive Marketing And Advertising Regarding Kansas City Photographers

Knowing What Goes Into Picture Taking If you want to get excellent photographs, top notch digital cameras and lenses are very important. Anyone who feels like…

Happy Easter: The Sweetest Of All Possible

Dear friends, I know that the next few days may be unique for you. I thought a lot of the concept for this blog. But…
Forbidden Apr 19, 2014

Disney Characters Get Modern, Couture Makeover

Is there anything better than high-fashion and Disney characters? I'm going to go out on a limb and say "no." It's always fun to see…
Tell Me Something Good...pic

Tell Me Something Good...

Hi all, so, where do I begin? I disappeared for the past few days and I did plenty of things while I was temporarily gone. Like…
Halcyon. Apr 17, 2014
Easter nailspic
EpicErin Apr 17, 2014
CJ 1989pic

CJ 1989

San Francisco
angrylambie Apr 17, 2014
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Music Video Let The Best Girl Govid

Music Video Let The Best Girl Go

Lord Louis Gilbert (born may 1, 1988) is an Australian video blogger and YouTube celebrity. He is most notable for The Lord Louis show a…
David Chaitoff
David Chaitoff Apr 16, 2014

Light Show Photos!

Hey guys, so last week my friend did a light show with gloves and I took some photos! Check these out they're pretty cool! Feel…
Rose Pendleton
Rose Pendleton Apr 15, 2014

BROKECHELLA 2014 This Saturday!

We all know about Coachella, and if you follow social media, that's all that's flooding the feeds. But what if i told you about another…
samigirlb Apr 15, 2014
The Art of Fashionpic

The Art of Fashion

Did anyone ever realize that fashion can be an art? Take the picture above, for example. The dress colors alone correspond together extremely well. Honestly, I think…


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Amanda Zink
Amanda Zink Apr 14, 2014