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Roones paintings

Roones paintingsRoones painting closeups
roones Sep 24, 2014

St. Louis Drag Queen/ Burlesque Performer Maxi Glamour

St. Louis Drag Queen/ Burlesque Performer Maxi Glamour Photography by Kimberly N. Photography
maxiglamour Sep 24, 2014

Roones illustrations

Roones Roones 'Icecream beauty"
roones Sep 24, 2014
The Hollywood Blacklist 2014, 17 songspic

The Hollywood Blacklist (2014, 17 songs)

My 5th Independent album release The Hollywood Blacklist (17 songs) will be released on October 31, 2014. 17 new songs, nearly one full hour of groundbreaking music…
Foxman Sep 23, 2014

Tips on a 15 Year Old's Party

Why is it that teens need fun celebration games? It's true that teens wish to socialize and think they wish to just 'hang out' on…
robtcolon Sep 22, 2014
Angela Bassett as Desiree Dupreepic
MoonChild Evelynpic
Kerli Sep 22, 2014


Youngsters Study Art This is a complete information that provides you with an array of interesting art and craft initiatives you possibly can carry out. There…
ignorantstomach84 Sep 20, 2014

British Artist D*FACE Gives More Insight To Xtina “BIONIC.” Art

For those unfamilair with D*Face’s work, he also designed the art work for Christina Aguilera’s “Bionic.” “Christina and her then-husband Jordan Bratman had been buying my…
Mimi K.
Mimi K. Sep 20, 2014

Resim ve Eskiz Kalemi üzerine kisa bir not

Resim TarihiResmin öyküsü milyonlarca yil geriye gider. Onlar uygar olmadan önce Insanoglu milyonlarca yil boyama sanatini ögrendi. Magaralarda yasamak için kullanilan ve doganin zulümleri ile…
sanatmalzemesi Sep 18, 2014

Schön! Magazine/EDITORIAL

Schön! Magazine" The romanticised Dandy figure is brought up-to-date in this online editorial by photographer Sarah Elizabeth Brickey. With opulent pieces by CHANEL,Louis Vuitton and Valentino, the extravagance…
Data Alekseev
Data Alekseev Sep 18, 2014

Worldwide Artist "Agent X" September 2014 Exhibitions and News

The worldwide and amazing artist Agent X will be having a huge number of exhibitions and Magazine press in the month of September. The main…
lanpolice Sep 17, 2014


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melodyerin Sep 16, 2014