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Finals Week Survival Playlists

Besides eating a lot of chocolate and downing caffeine, the only other thing that gets me through studying for finals is listening to music. Many…
Jenay Ross
Jenay Ross Dec 05, 2012

SWOON: Anthony Green's Winter Tour Commercial

Anthony Green is going to be heading out on another solo tour this winter! Hurray! Circa Survives' front man will be playing seven dates this…
Sara Scoggs
Sara Scoggs Dec 04, 2012
Circa Survive - BUS INVADERS Ep. 364vid

Circa Survive - BUS INVADERS Ep. 364

Have you ever wanted to watch Anthony Green of Circa Survive give a tour of his band's bus? Well, your prayers are answered! Check out the new episode of BUS…
digitaltourbus Nov 13, 2012

New Tour Dates

i'm playing some shows with my buddy geoff rickly- tickets go on sale friday i hope to see you all there
Anthony Green
Anthony Green Oct 09, 2012
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Circa Survive

Violent Waves Tour 2012 Marquee Theater in Tempe, AZ October 5th, 2012
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Download the Beautiful Spring EP!

We made it even easier to pick up the Beautiful Spring live EP! Just click here, enter your info, name your own price, and download! We are…
Anthony Green
Anthony Green Jul 23, 2012
Why We Love Mindy White of Statespic

Why We Love Mindy White of States

Tries to have a very active online presence so that her fans can feel included in her life. Artists who stay connected to their fans…
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Anthony Green in Asbury Park, NJ

Anthony Green's Beautiful Things June Tour has begun, with The Dear Hunter as his backing band! Make sure you come out to the very special…
Anthony Green
Anthony Green Jun 22, 2012

Five Songs About The Emotional State Of Mind Behind Heartache

It's a given that music is what people run to when going through a break up or experiencing a dilemma of who to love; that's…
Rosaura Montes
Rosaura Montes May 26, 2012

Live Footage of "Moon Song"

Watch a live video of "Moon Song" on
Anthony Green
Anthony Green May 23, 2012

Podcast w/ Anthony Green

Our friends over at posted their newest podcast featuring Anthony Green! Listen to it HERE 
Anthony Green
Anthony Green Apr 16, 2012

Daytrotter Session

Check out Anthony Green's Daytrotter session HERE!
Anthony Green
Anthony Green Mar 29, 2012

Acoustic Battle: We Are The In Crowd Versus Anthony Green

Despite the digital age that we live in, more and more musicians seem to be returning back to basics and giving acoustic performances. This Century…
amyjoebloggs Feb 27, 2012

Acoustic Video "Jame's Song" by Anthony Green !

Head over to to watch an Exclusive video of Anthony Green performing "James' Song" Acoustic. Click Here to watch it!
Anthony Green
Anthony Green Feb 24, 2012