The boxerpic

The boxer

The boxer, the origin of Germany, the shape and appearance pretty strong. Head and body is quite big black nose, nose, larger. Ear growth position…
johnjenkins419 Jul 14, 2014
Shop Small Businessvid

Shop Small Business

Urbanpetshop has independently owned business and supports the small business specially crafters and designers. Browse huge collection of unique and organic pet toys and products…
urbanpetshop Jul 02, 2014
Sleepy Kitties.pic

Sleepy Kitties.

Earlier today my dad and I dropped by Pet Smart to get Pigjangles a few things and while we were there I dropped by the…
Haleigh Rice
Haleigh Rice Jun 20, 2014
21 Tea Parties Too Cute To Be Real!pic
Wish that you were here beside me.pic

Wish that you were here beside me.

This is the cutest little wood critter isn't it? I absolutely love this when I saw it. I am obsessed with owls. I am watching…
escaperoute Jun 16, 2014


Who says you can’t find proof of Thylacines in Tasmania?
offplanetfilms May 17, 2014


This is one of the two miniature horses that my mom and Jim (my cousin who is her roommie) have up on the lake!  They…
CANDLE May 13, 2014

Save Money While Searching Your Dog - Proven Ways Conserve Lots Of

Why let the humans still have all of of learning. Dog Halloween costumes have got front stage in many areas. Whether you desire to dress…
lewisemil Apr 27, 2014

Animals Love Music More Than You Do

nbsp; We all love music. Adults, teens, grandparents, and even babies... we all have our favorite genres and bands. But I bet most of you don't…
Mindy White
Mindy White Apr 24, 2014
Angry Birds, Big Cats Golden Eggs!vid

Angry Birds, Big Cats & Golden Eggs!

NEW Angry Birds Golden Egg Levels Discovered at Big Cat Rescue! Watch tigers, lions, leopards, cougars and lynx, having fun searching for and DESTROYING their…
bigcatrescue Apr 15, 2014
Cardinal on side of treepic

Cardinal on side of tree

Male Cardinal striking a pose on a branch.
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Rybird Mar 17, 2014

Housing Your Tortoise Appropriately

If you don't select a proper shelter, your pet's wellness is on the line. For keeping adult tortoises, bear in mind that a glass Vivarium…
erin0poland Mar 11, 2014

Learning the Different Pond Fish To Choose from

It's a chance to start considering the fish which you want to keep, since you now have created your garden pond. You will discover a…
moon45hung Mar 10, 2014

Live Longer !“May you live every day of your life.”  Jonathan Swift
Miatur Mar 09, 2014