NEW MUSIC From Andrew McMahon of Something Corporate/Jack's Mannequin

Something Corporate, Jack's Mannequin, a solo EP and now... Andrew McMahon In The Wilderness. This is the timeline of names by which Andrew McMahon has delivered…
franki teevan
franki teevan Jul 18, 2014

35 Songs That Changed My Life

Reblogged from Emily Gage I've been seeing lists of songs that you need to hear before you die, so I decided to show you a few…
yairdror Nov 25, 2013 Originally by littledollface

35 Songs That Changed My Life

I've been seeing lists of songs that you need to hear before you die, so I decided to show you a few songs that changed…
Emily Gage
Emily Gage Nov 24, 2013

Happy 10th Birthday To *North* & *Interventions + Lullabies*

It is a day for celebration! Not one, but TWO very iconic albums are celebrating their 10th Birthdays today! Something Corporate's third album "North" came out…
Kaytee Oct 21, 2013

CONGRATS! Andrew McMahon Earns Emmy Nomination

Today our pal Andrew McMahon woke up to some amazing news; an Emmy nomination! The Academy of Arts And Sciences has recognized Andrew for being…
Sara Scoggs
Sara Scoggs Jul 18, 2013
Andrew McMahonpic

Andrew McMahon

11 pics
Winnie S
Winnie S Jul 13, 2013

EXCLUSIVE: Andrew McMahon Performs "Learn To Dance" At Guitar Center

You might remember we spent some time with the talented and wonderful Andrew McMahon recently, and lucky for Guitar Center they had him in house as…
Summer Playlist Edition Addition: Andrew McMahonpic

Summer Playlist Edition Addition: Andrew McMahon

You could put Andrew McMahon on any song and I'd honestly, probably be into it, even that Tommy Lee compilation. (Come on we all loved that, don't…
Kelley Fox
Kelley Fox Jun 14, 2013

Humming Material: Andrew McMahon's "Synesthesia"

There are songs that I would call humming material. They’re catchy as a cold and not always well-written. As for the song that is currently…
elizabeth margaret
elizabeth margaret Jun 14, 2013

Weekly Playlist #2: Rainy Nights

Hello again, Buzznet! I'm back with another weekly playlist which is in honor of the huge storm that's been passing through my town today. These…
Emily Gage
Emily Gage Jun 12, 2013
Andrew McMahon 1pic

Andrew McMahon 1

Andrew McMahon of Something Corporate and Jack's Mannequin fame joins William Beckett on stage at Slam Dunk music festival.
mono55 May 31, 2013

Andrew McMahon Reflects On His Career

And take a look at Andrew McMahon sharing a few of his best career memoires from over the years. He has been making music for…
Sara Scoggs
Sara Scoggs May 30, 2013

Makin` Memories At Slam Dunk Festival

Hi Buzznet! This post is one of the plenty of other Slam Dunk South related posts coming up on the site shortly by other people too.  I…
dora May 27, 2013
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Shiona May 22, 2013

Video Vault May 19, 2013

Here at Buzznet, we’re posting super cool exclusive videos all week. Just in case you missed one of our fashion, music or pop culture exclusives, now’s your chance…
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Caitlin O'Brien May 19, 2013