Almost Famous

Welcome To The Generation Of Cool

When we were little kids, all we ever wanted to do was be cool. We wanted to hang with the "cool kids", do really awesome…
gabbiebrown Sep 05, 2014

The Check Engine Light Of Life

My head has been running a million and one thoughts through my head recently about a certain topic.... Shady people. Over the past 2 1/2…
gabbiebrown Apr 29, 2014

Dear 2013, I'm Thankful For...

It feels like it was last week that I was writting a thankful blog for Thanksgiving 2012. Am I the only person who thinks this…
gabbiebrown Nov 25, 2013

10 Things Almost Famous Taught Me

Almost Famous can be describe as my "How To" deal with the music industry. I've probably watched that movie a thousand times and can quote…
gabbiebrown Oct 23, 2013

VIntage Style Inspo: Penny Lane in Almost Famous

Does it get any better than this?  I just don't see how that could be possible. I don't know where Kate Hudson ends and Penny Lane…
katecolussy Oct 11, 2013

How To: Dress Like Penny Lane

Alright fellow BUZZNET Pals, we all know that Penny Lane is pretty much me in another life. Lately I've been seeing her name thrown out…
gabbiebrown Aug 29, 2013

Weekly Inspiration 5/12 - 5/19

I'll try and make this a weekly thing, hm.
LIVIA May 11, 2013
Almost Famouspic

Why Not Share The Things I Love

Today is all about sharing and celebrating the things you love (Even though I believe this should occur year round). Sure, I'm single and haven't…
gabbiebrown Feb 14, 2013

What Movie Character Are You?

If we were to go and get coffee you would probably find out fast that, my ALL TIME favorite movie is, Almost Famous. I kid you…
gabbiebrown Oct 20, 2012

Buzznet Music Chats: Favorite Movie Soundtracks

I'am a firm believer in a movie soundtrack can make or break a film. The soundtrack has the moments that we laughed, cried and dance…
gabbiebrown Aug 30, 2012
Penny Lane's Stylepic

Penny Lane's Style

Fringe Tops! Easy to make yourself!
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Amanda Lynn
Amanda Lynn Aug 01, 2012

Flashback Friday: 10 Movies That Rock

There's nothing like combining the wonderful worlds of film and music: the best of both worlds! Sure, it may not be for everyone - maybe…
Patty Jun 15, 2012

'Rock Of Ages' reminds us why we love rock n' roll.

Rock n' roll has always been a symbol of rebellion in its own way. In celebration of the upcoming released musical film, 'Rock Of Ages', let…
Rosaura Montes
Rosaura Montes Jun 12, 2012