All Time Low

The Lonely Girl's Playlist: Songs To Listen To When You're Feeling Alone

This summer, after spending entirely too much time alone due to health woes, I have been listening to tons of sad music. I thought it…
xxrachelrhodes 19 hrs ago

Get To Know - Blitz Kids (UK)

nbsp; So, I decided to create a new series of blog entailed “Get To Know”, that I will post every month. One per month. In theses…
EdIsAGenius Aug 06, 2014

Say What?! All Time Low Going To The UK

nbsp; For the past few days, All Time Low has hinted fans that they will come back to the UK, by posting the “O” of their…
EdIsAGenius Aug 04, 2014
Babes In Hatspic
Zan Jul 27, 2014 Originally by brittanyhagerty
Babes In Hatspic

Babes In Hats

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Brittany Lee
Brittany Lee Jul 25, 2014

Alt. Press Award Winners!

The Alt Press Awards happen last night and I made my predications lets see if i was right for some of them! But while I was…
reallygreg Jul 22, 2014
Band Guys In Ripped Jeanspic

Band Guys In Ripped Jeans

Harry Styles
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Brittany Lee
Brittany Lee Jul 16, 2014
Show Us Your Good Side: Kellin Quinn of Sleeping With Sirenspic

When We Speak (hosted by Jermaine Sain)

It is so difficult trying to schedule interviews, prepare for the interviews, edit the interview, blog about the interviews and much more!!!  I'M ONLY ONE…
whenwespeaktv Jul 09, 2014
Interview with Actor Singer Terrell Cartervid

Interview with Actor/ Singer Terrell Carter

I really just want to take a moment to thank God for all the many blessings and the many people he’s allowed to come into…
whenwespeaktv Jul 09, 2014

All Time Low's 'Nothing Personal' Turns Five!!!

Five years ago today, An American Band from Balitmore released their third studio album that left us all in Love.  First there was the  insta-classic Weightlesswhich is…
Heartemily Jul 07, 2014
Jack Barakat: A Love Like Tourpic

Jack Barakat: A Love Like Tour

A Love Like Tour- Toad's Place 4/30/14
laurvigs Jun 28, 2014

Artist to Watch For - Defy You Stars

Meet Defy You Stars, an alternative-rock three-piece from Denver, Colorado. Their blend of melodic rock is slowly gaining them a following nationwide and it's about…
clarefitz Jun 24, 2014

Is Buzznet dead?

Or can I relive my early years and start writing fanfictions again? Or at least finish the ones I started.. (:
alltimelowismylove331 Jun 23, 2014

Music Monday: 2009 Throwback Edition!

First off, an apology: I have neglected my Buzznet blog for a couple of months now. At the start of the year I pledged to…
rachii Jun 23, 2014