Kaulitz Twins : Blonde OR Brunette Version?

As we know, the Kaulitz twins are two cute chameleons. Full of style, these beautiful men are always launching trends, whether in fashion or hair…
Pink Suicide
Pink Suicide Apr 21, 2014
Ancient Alien History, and the Future of Mankind Nassim Harameinvid
Is Alien Technology Here?vid

Is Alien Technology Here?

Is Alien Tecnnology Here?
ufomania Feb 12, 2014
Nassim Haramein. Giant UFOs, Black Hole Sunvid


Jeri Jacquin, Movie Maven Coming to Digital Download and DVD from director Jason R. Miller and Dark Sky Films comes the tale of UNIDENTIFIED. This film tells…
Movie Maven
Movie Maven Feb 05, 2014
New Bill's Photopic

New Bill's Photo

"Late night listening session #Aliens #BTK"   Source: Twitter
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Mimi K.
Mimi K. Jan 30, 2014

UFO Caught over Mexico

A man in Mexico City, Mexico just sent this video out to the internet that shows a UFO hovering and moving around. Couldl this be…
alienuforesearchcom Jan 21, 2014

Sneak Peek at I'm A Jerk Industries 2014!

Hey guys! So this is going a bit of a personal blog! You probably aren't aware that Warped Tour changed their vending rules unless of…
Rose Pendleton
Rose Pendleton Jan 12, 2014

Faux Fur ALIEN MUFF by the Church of Vanity

  Lately, I have creating a lot of new fashion pieces. This alien muff is one of my recent creations that I decided to share on…
Nefertara Nov 21, 2013
Grey Alien Captured on Film in Bulgariapic

Grey Alien Captured on Film in Bulgaria

These kids were out hiking and caught an interesting picture of a supposed grey alien. What do you think? Thanks!
alienuforesearchcom Nov 11, 2013
Tokio Hotel Win MTV EMA's Biggest Fans Awardpic

Tokio Hotel Win MTV EMA's Biggest Fans Award

We hardly voted for them and we won. Yesterday night during MTV EMA's red carpet in Amsterdam, Dizzie Rascal announced the winner of EMA Biggest Fans…
Mimi K.
Mimi K. Nov 11, 2013
William Orbit Produced One Song Off Britney Jeanpic

William Orbit Produced One Song Off “Britney Jean”

William Orbit produced “Alien” off “Britney Jean,” his only song on the album, and says he couldn’t have made the song so good without being…
Mimi K.
Mimi K. Nov 07, 2013


ENDER'S GAME Jeri Jacquin, Movie Maven Coming to theatres this Friday from director Gavin Hood and Summit Entertainment comes the highly anticipated ENDER'S GAME. This film tells the…
Movie Maven
Movie Maven Nov 01, 2013


SKINWALKER RANCH Jeri Jacquin, Movie Maven Coming to VOD and in theatres from director Devin McGinn and Deep Studios comes a film inspired by unexplainable events in…
Movie Maven
Movie Maven Oct 30, 2013
UFO Probes on Earth seen in Texasvid

UFO Probes on Earth seen in Texas

nbsp; Aliens are here and here is some more proof. It seems there are aliens using probes like we do with Curiosity on Mars here…
alienuforesearchcom Oct 25, 2013