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Global Warming . . . if you tell a big lie, and keep repeating it, then people will eventually come to believing it.pic


When I was a boy growing up in California, all of us kids had trouble breathing on summer days that were exceptionally smoggy.  We experienced…
Richard Aberdeen
Richard Aberdeen Oct 18, 2014
IS THERE REALLY LIFE IN THE FUTURE? - Free CDs, Videos, Books - www.RichardAberdeen.comvid

IS THERE REALLY LIFE IN THE FUTURE? - Free CDs, Videos, Books - short video essay from the free online book, "Fixing America In 500 Words or Less" by Richard Aberdeen.  Free videos, CDs and books:
aberdeen Aug 10, 2014

Would you like to host Al Gore's slideshow for your school or organization?

Looking to plan an event? Host a presenter from The Climate Project. Presentations cover the latest climate science and are based on Al Gore's slideshow…
theclimateproject Oct 23, 2009

The Climate Project Hosts First Ever Latin America Summit, Debuts New Online Presence

09/28/09 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Press inquiries: Carrie Criado, Kate Nolan (615) 327-7577, The Climate Project Hosts First Ever Latin America Summit, Debuts New Online…
theclimateproject Oct 01, 2009
No Hunger by Al Gorevid

No Hunger by Al Gore

THE PRODUCTION OF THIS FILM DEPENDS ON YOU. Sign up now at: More than 55 million children suffer from acute malnutrition. There is, however, a solution. It's…
askalgore Jun 03, 2009

Pigs Suffer, But Why?

People like to eat meat very much, especially little kids. They can't live without meat [a bunch of idiots, duh]. People like to eat pigs…
RoxanneRossV Jul 15, 2008
pregnancy idiots and gorevid

pregnancy idiots and gore

about the 17 pregnant 16 year olds ... amy winehouse is an idiot... and is al gore living up to his word?


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deeario May 11, 2008

A Tale of Two Houses: Who Got PWNED Now???

House #1 A 20 room mansion ( not including 8 bathrooms ) heated by¬† natural gas. Add on a pool ( and a pool house) and a…
9 Al Gore Saves the Worldpic

9) Al Gore Saves the World

Or at least is given lots of shiny trophies for trying. Bush's approval ratings sank in 2007, but Al Gore's riding high as he puts…
Ashly Dec 04, 2007

Why Al Gore Should Not Have Won ANYTHING For His Work On Global Warming

So Al Gore co-won the Noble Peace Prize.  Sounds great right?  I mean you gotta' give a guy props for making the problem of global…
kellymcg Oct 13, 2007
Davey Havok and Al Gorepic

Davey Havok and Al Gore

I saw that live earth thing and it really made me think, not on the environment but how they could film a hologram!
jadeass Jul 28, 2007

Thursday Buzz 7/5

Hilary Duff hookin' up with Brody Jenner? Say it ain't so, Hil! (The Dirty Disher)Katharine McPhee wants to be barefoot and pregnant. (Allie is Wired)Al…
breesays Jul 05, 2007
An Inconvenient Truth trailervid

An Inconvenient Truth trailer

This movie was excellent, and if you haven't seen it, I HIGHLY recommend it. Great facts and statistics, and it really got me more into…
joeclouds Jun 24, 2007