desmond examined its two hefty padlocks, produced a hooked length of thick steel wire from desmond pocket, then proceeded swiftly to unlock desmond both Where in hell did you learn that.

Meg asked: Are you alone Yes, Im alone nolan . Drink of water is PCP kaya . Just the opposite of what Haymitch had told…
florenab Feb 01, 2014
William Control - I'm Only Human Sometimesvid
WiL Francispic
Starry Eyes
Starry Eyes Jun 20, 2012
One Vulnerable Night With The Usedpic

One "Vulnerable" Night With The Used

The Used 3/27/2012 The Troubadour Hollywood, CA
31 pics
Brittany Lee
Brittany Lee Mar 28, 2012

Aiden - Hysteria for free!!!

"In honor of all these ridiculous accusations regarding the message of our song Hysteria, here is a link to download it for free. You be…
Martina Satoriova
Martina Satoriova Jan 28, 2012
What I Bought Todaypic

What I Bought Today

Albums I bought today. 1: Rob Zombie - Hellbilly Deluxe2. 2: AIDEN - Knives. 3: Fall Out Boy - Believers Never Die
Little Kirsti Doll
Little Kirsti Doll Nov 19, 2011

Bands from A to Z I like! Today´s letter: A!

Alesana Asking Alexandria Apocalyptica All Time Low Aiden A Skylit Drive AFI Adept A Vain Atempt As I Lay Dying Avenged Sevenfold AC/DC Attack Attack! August Burns Red A Day To Remember Alexisonfire Aloha From Hell Anberlin Atreyu Do you listen to bands like…
Martina Satoriova
Martina Satoriova Nov 12, 2011

Lyrics 46. - 53.

46. lyrics - 5.10.2011 Blessthefall - Undefeated We won't fall when we're under the gunWhen all your heroes have failed youYou'll never show your face, you…
Martina Satoriova
Martina Satoriova Oct 12, 2011

How You Love Me Now? Ch. 15 (LAST CHAPTER XD)

nbsp;     ~Summary~(?)     Josh and Jenna have been happily married and have two kids now,Danienlla,who is now engaged,and Aiden who is now sixteen.One year after Josh and Jenna had there…
Aiden - A Portrait Of The Artist!!!vid

Aiden - A Portrait Of The Artist!!!

Goth-rockers Aiden recently released full length album titled "Disguises." And as usually happens after the album's release custom video clips are beginning to pile up…
Martina Satoriova
Martina Satoriova Jul 02, 2011
Eyes Set To Kill at The Key Club 614pic

Eyes Set To Kill at The Key Club 6/14

Eyes Set To Kill 6/14/11 The Key Club Los Angeles, CA
12 pics
Kate Cordova
Kate Cordova Jun 16, 2011


Warped Tour St. Petersburg, FL
Dusty Feeney
Dusty Feeney Feb 02, 2011

Pure Morning; Chapter 21

nbsp;           the price we pay 21     Okay Jenna, you can stop crying now," wiL said after pulling into a parking space. "You shut the fuck up! How can…
vengeanceluver Nov 21, 2010

Pure Morning; Chapter 20

nbsp;             destroy, rebuild     20     "Fired?!" Rick exclaimed as he stared towards Jenna with angered, bulgy eyes. "Hold on, what I'm trying to tell you is--" "You know that job was…

Pure Morning; Chapter 19

nbsp;         i wouldn't know where to begin     19     Approximately another month had gone by, adding more baggage to Jenna's waist line. She now had a slight protruding bump…