One “Vulnerable” Night With The Used

If you are like me and you are a fan of The Used (which you should be if you aren’t) then you can undestand my extreme excitement to have attended their FREE show at The Troubadour last night. I felt like a little kid on Christmas, I couldnt wipe the smile off my face from… More »

Eyes Set To Kill at The Key Club 6/14

Eyes Set To Kill are currently directly supporting Aiden on The Horror Nights Tour. Check out the photos from their Los Angeles stop at The Key Club!

Bamboozle ’08: Videos, Pics and More – Buzznet Community Roundup

We’ve got so much stuff that’ll facilitate y’all living vicariously through this weekend’s Bamboozle if you were not lucky enough to attend. Shall we begin? [cut=Yes, let’s…]

<img style="width: 391px; height: 291px;" src=""…

Taste of Chaos in Long Beach: A7X Are Always Ready for Their Close-Ups


Dudes. Nine bands every day on the Taste of Chaos tour? I don’t have that kind of attention span!

Bands that opened that I didn’t really watch because I was…

Blessthefall Talk With Buzznet About Ronnie Radke, Search for New Singer

Aw, twinsies.

“So Ronnie Radke performed a song with you guys at your Vegas show,” I said as soon as I sat down with Jared…

My interview w/ nfg, part 1!

I read them the quote about wiL Francis hating the internet… they had a great response 🙂

Bad form, Wil, bad form

In the December 2007 issue of Rocksound, Wil Francis from Aiden has some sound bites on page 48. It’s for the “If I ruled the…

and what?

Almost Famous #3

oxhipsnheartsxo with Angel from Aidenpurplebtfy with Fred from Taking Back SundayJustine with Gabe from Cobra StarshipChristine with Adam from Taking Back SundayThose TBS boys sure do like takin’ pics, huh? That’s what I’m seeing the…

Almost Famous #2

Molly with Adam from Taking Back Sunday.Stealthrocker with Nick from Over ItBaylie with Wil from AidenHeather with Quinn from The Used   Taking Back Sunday – LiarRemember, if you get some you+rockstar shots, message me….

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