The road to Coachella

As some of you may or may not know the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival has been put on in Indio California for a…
Room For Music
Room For Music Apr 03, 2014

2014 week 12

I've been busy this week. I feel like I've achieved a lot and I've also done plenty of fun things too, so there's been a…
rachii Mar 22, 2014

Creating Videos on youtube

It's a bit of rock n roll and cosmetics into one!!! Enjoy
alicia martinez
alicia martinez Mar 13, 2014


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toristephens Feb 23, 2014

2014: week seven

Just like last week, I totally forgot to write this last night. I'm a terrible blogger. :( MusicThis week I downloaded so much music in an…
rachii Feb 16, 2014

Album Spotlight: Very Proud of Ya by AFI

Firstly, a couple of facts. Number one, AFI are my favourite band of all time. Number two, they've released nine albums in the last nineteen…
rachii Feb 10, 2014
Me in my AFI shirt:pic

Me in my AFI shirt(:

I love AFI so much like I can't even begin to explain how much<3
thegreatdisappointment Jan 30, 2014
AFI Concert Footage 01.25.14vid

AFI Concert Footage 01.25.14

I shot the highlights of the show.. the entire set list is not included and the songs are out of order. They were so amazing…
thegreatdisappointment Jan 28, 2014
Jade and Hunter Rockin Out in Nashvillepic

Jade and Hunter Rockin Out in Nashville

Best shot I got of Jade and Hunter, Saturday Night (: 
thegreatdisappointment Jan 27, 2014

Radnom Writing

listening to AFI yesterday and came up with this . . . no idea what it goes to but if any one wants to use…
southernuksoul Jan 20, 2014

Ten artists that made my 2013!

Fact: I get obsessed when I find bands I love. I can pinpoint key times in my life based on when a new favourite band…
rachii Dec 09, 2013

Song Of The Day: "A Deep Slow Panic" by AFI

I've been listening to a lot of AFI recently and I love their new album, Burials. I can resonate with "A Deep Slow Panic" the…
Tina Nov 27, 2013
Last of the Autumn Sunpic

Last of the Autumn Sun

The title is not so accurate these days. The sun has gone for weeks now, and real rainy autumn is here. The photo is still…
dora Nov 23, 2013