Song Of The Day: “A Deep Slow Panic” by AFI

I’ve been listening to a lot of AFI recently and I love their new album, Burials. I can resonate with “A Deep Slow…

Fall In Love With Dear Boy

About a year ago, I got together for dinner with one of my closest friends Austin Hayman to catch up on what’s next in our…

Fall Tour Guide 2013

In the wake of Warped Tour coming to an end, tons of new fall tours have been announced over the past week. To help you keep track, here is a little guide of all the fun to come this fall. Also, be sure to comment on the tours you plan on checking out! I ‘m… More »

AFI Announce ‘BURIALS’ Release This Fall & New Tour

AFI will have a new album out this fall titled, BURIALS. The October 22nd release will include the band’s latest single, “I Hope You Suffer” and many more aggressive tracks. #musicrules. 

AFI Reveal New Album

AFI have posted this new video today revealeing plans to have a new album your way this September. I have never been a big AFI fan but I know our community loves them…

Favorite MTV Movie Award Performances

The MTV Movie Awards are this weekend and this year’s show will feature performances by Selena Gomez, the cast of Pitch Perfect, Mackelmore and Ray Lewis.

Let’s look back and see the…

Albums That Got Me Through High School

High school can be a rough time. We don’t know who we are or what we want but we think we do. It’s a major turning point in discovering who we are going to be. Remember when we were kids and we all thought high school was going to be like it was on Saved… More »


Welcome to BIZARRELAND, I hope you enjoy the tour. It’s a different kind of tour but you get to see my desk and some of my things. Now to begin this…

The Evolution of Davey Havok

You guys, AFI is my favorite band of all time. My obsession is best explained as a teenage phase that never ended…for the past six years. After countless hours on the official AFI messageboard, $30 in fan club dues (excuse me, Despair Faction), nine live shows in six cities, supporting band members’ obscure side projects… More »

Davey Havok of AFI Joins ‘American Idiot’

AFI frontman Davey Havok will be joining the cast of the Green Day musical ‘American Idiot’.

Photo by Robert Fayette for Buzznet

According to Yahoo news, Havok will be joining for…

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