Throwback Thursday: Darren Criss

Happy #throwbackthursday Remember the time I auditioned to be in Darren Criss's band?  This was probably one of the most fun interviews I have ever done in…
Keltie Knight
Keltie Knight Oct 16, 2014

I think I can remember how to type?

Hey! Hello? It’s like talking to yourself in the mirror sometimes. (or maybe that’s just me) How do you start a text conversation with someone you’ve never texted…
Dani Vitale
Dani Vitale Oct 14, 2014

Meet Keltie Knight at Barnes and Noble 10/21!

I'm so excited to be throwing my FIRST tweet up party at Barnes and Noble in Santa Monica, to celebrate the launch of the fall…

Throwback Thursday: Alex Deleon VS. Brian Logan Dales

I just came across on of my FAVORITE celebrity interviews of all time, and thought it would be an AMAZING throwback video! This was when…
Keltie Knight
Keltie Knight Oct 09, 2014

Keltie Knight On The Cover Of Indie Chick Magazine + Contest!

I am so beyond excited and thrilled to announce that I am the Fall 2014 cover girl for Indie Chick Magazine! It’s super cool to…
Keltie Knight
Keltie Knight Oct 06, 2014

Heartblog: A Letter To Myself

I was going through some files on my computer, and I found a letter I had written myself as a way to relax before I…
Closet Inspiration for Fall!pic

Worthwhile things you need to get to find out in regards to the new music industry

Likelihood is, you're presently ruining your future to succeed in the tunes business due to the fact that you believe in one or more music…
booksrex Sep 20, 2014

WATCH: Dani Vitale Dances In Nick Jonas' Video For 'Jealous'

So Nick Jonas had a big week! It was his birthday as well as his music video 'Jealous' coming out!!! I'm so proud of him…
Dani Vitale
Dani Vitale Sep 18, 2014
Tortures for Flies: FLY FISHING HDvid

Tortures for Flies: FLY FISHING (HD)

Fly fishing is the most fun I've had with clothes on!
offplanetfilms Sep 17, 2014
HAIRSPIRATION: the shoulder length bobpic

Keltie Knight's 5 favorite Cruelty-Free Make-Up Products

My goal was by the end of 2015 to be living a completely cruelty-free life, and I am well on my way, I wanted to…
Keltie Knight
Keltie Knight Sep 04, 2014

heartblog: Tuesdays.

Last Tuesday I didn’t know very much about doing nothing. The creative arts Emmy awards had led to a busy week that led to the…

The Benefits of Trade Exhibits and Exhibitions for Your Business

The {growth|development} of RN is {fastest|quickest} {among|amongst} all #keep##randurls[1|1|, |Money Site URL List 1|]# {category|class} nursing {care|treatment} {professionals|experts}. Their {extensive|in depth} theoretical and {clinical|medical} {training|coaching}…
motion58news Sep 01, 2014