Lady Gaga Has Accepted the Ice Bucket Challenge

Lady Gaga is one of the latest stars to accpet the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.  She also tweeted pledging to donate 10,000 to the cause.  She joins…
reallygreg Aug 18, 2014

My Top Favorite MASHUPS (So Far)

If you have been scrolling through Tumblr or YouTube videos, you may have come across an awesome mashup of your favorite songs. You also may…
mykindofcrazy May 25, 2014
Facts about Adelevid

Facts about Adele

Things you might not know about Adele. Watch more videos and read article about your favorite musicians at  
yyaayy May 22, 2014

Artist to Watch For - Cady Groves

Meet Cady Groves, a 24-year-old singer/songwriter from Oklahoma. Groves, who has been singing since the young age of five and has wanted to be a…
clarefitz Feb 25, 2014