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Sprite Commercialvid

Sprite Commercial

No, nobody is paying me to do this, its not a add, Just an amazing video that I found on youtube. Check it out.
Alinne Celestino
Alinne Celestino Sep 22, 2012

Controversial Fashion Campaigns YAY or NAY?

As a fashion designer, something crucial to each collection I create is my campaign photos. Those are the images that represent my line as a…
licari Dec 16, 2011

CutiePie Of the week! :) July 9-16

dalia♥ i love to meet NEW ppl and would love to make new friends frm all around the world ;; i play guitar,learning to…
Kay.Breezy Jul 09, 2010

False Adds

Ok i have a HUGE problem with these, dont know much about them but i tell you the ones i know, and if i'm wrong…
Sonya Marie
Sonya Marie Oct 02, 2008

hello anyone who cares :]

umm yeah. so im nicole.. im new to buzznet and im lost like no other. lmao. help ? ADD ME :] HIT ME nbxmusicxisxlife…
nicolenuclear Jul 18, 2008


Buzznet wont let me accept friends requests?? does anyone know why??if you added me and i didnt accept it, just add me again k!! <333
kimmapain Jul 08, 2008
Xris Oct 02, 2007
skateboard add purse..pic

skateboard add purse..

so i was bored... and i made this purse today.. it's made up of old add's (DC and Ice Cream) from skateboard magazines(the DC add…