R.I.P To The Music Reporter

nbsp; Dear Buzznet, I would like to take a moment of silence for the death of music reporters. Where to begin, where to begin. If you haven't noticed…
gabbiebrown Sep 26, 2014

YouTube Wednesday: Before You Exit, the amazing Pop/Rock band that has now arrived!!!

nbsp;     Hello people of the internet!!! On today's 'YouTube Wednesday' we are going to discuss a new band of brothers that is quickly taking over…
celindareyes May 29, 2014

Action Item: What is Your Great Mission?

nbsp;  Action Item, a band from Bergen County, NJ, has set up an Indie Go Go Campaign to fund their very FIRST full length album. This…
veeforvalerie Apr 23, 2014

Monday Memos: Action Item, the band all the cool kids are talking about this summer.

nbsp;      Hello people of the internet!!! On today’s ‘Monday Memos’, we are going to discuss a band that is quickly taking the music industry by…
celindareyes Apr 22, 2014

Christmas Music You Oughta Listen To

Christmas is getting closer and closer and closer and by the time you know it BAM it'll be Wednesday aka Christmas day. So if you…
veeforvalerie Dec 20, 2013
Action Itempic

Action Item

22 pics
recordinmotionphoto Dec 08, 2013

Action Item Take On The 1975

If you haven't heard of The 1975, well then you've obviously been living in a cave, under the Black Sea. And if you haven't heard…
The 1975 - Sex Action Item Acoustic covervid

The 1975 - Sex (Action Item Acoustic cover)

Greetings lovelies :) There's been a lot of buzz about The 1975 lately and one of my favorite bands recorded an acoustic cover of their song…
Action Item: Good or Badvid

Action Item: Good or Bad

"I'm not a saint, no, and I don't claim to be." (And this video quite proves that :P)  Action Item just released their highly anitcipated music…
veeforvalerie Aug 22, 2013
Tour Shennanigans!vid

Tour Shennanigans!

I went on tour for a week, stopping in Ashland/Eugene and ending up in Portland! Watch my interesting adventures with my band and momager. You'll…
tessdunn Aug 11, 2013
Action Itempic
amirgoren Aug 10, 2013 Originally by gabbiebrown

When Summer Tours End....Fall Ones Begin!!

Hey Buzznet Peeps, Long time no Blog! Hows it going? I've been super busy lately with wrapping up my last week of Summer Semester and now…
Cheyenne Rae
Cheyenne Rae Aug 09, 2013
Action Itempic

Action Item

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gabbiebrown Aug 09, 2013
Action Itempic

Action Item

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mariahbudin Jul 21, 2013

Ashlee Holmes Visits Warped Tour!

The other day I attended Warped Tour. I went to help put on some temporary tattoos at the "Girlz Garage" and passout some Buzznet swag…
Ashlee Holmes
Ashlee Holmes Jul 17, 2013