I am doing amazing. X

I am doing amazing.  I am retired as an actor. I have moved to Dallas to launch my career. I am going to do a fashion…
Michael Olivares
Michael Olivares Sep 06, 2014
Johnny Alonso with director Michael Fraticelli on the WWII set of Disaster on Hill 772 March 28, 1943pic

Johnny Alonso with director Michael Fraticelli on the WWII set of "Disaster on Hill 772 March 28, 1943" A behind the scenes photo of actor Johnny Alonso with Philadelphia director Michael Fraticelli  from the upcoming WWII special "Disaster on Hill 772 March…
Johnny Alonso
Johnny Alonso Sep 02, 2014


acting - The latest from Kristos (@KristosAndrews). LA Native, British descent. Actor/ Producer, Emmy nominated. Former competitive Skateboarder. Exec VP @ LANY. Los Angeles
athesaidoni Aug 30, 2014


John Costella TakeLessons presents private in-studio and in-house Acting in Melbourne and close by areas. Learn how to act by working with a certified TakeLessons instructor…
ignorantstomach84 Aug 29, 2014

Michael Cera The Musician?

Long time no talk Buzznet! Sorry that I've been stagnant with the posts and updates as of late, long story short life got in the way…

Bollywood Stars Facts and Rumors And Biography

#1# {The world|The planet|The entire world|The globe} {is a|is really a|is actually a|can be a} {global|worldwide|international|world-wide} {marketplace|market|market place|industry} and {where|in which|exactly where|where by} {once|as soon…
friend1steven Jul 17, 2014

Silent Movie Acting - Not Just Melodrama

#1# If you have {ever|at any time} {seen|noticed|observed|witnessed} some of the {old|previous|outdated|aged} {Tv|Television|Tv set|Television set} comedies there is a {chance|opportunity|likelihood|possibility} you {may|might|could|may possibly} have {seen|noticed|observed|witnessed}…
leo23guitar Jul 16, 2014

New Still Of Emma Watson in Regression

A new still photo has leaked of Emma Watson and Ethan Hawke from their upcoming movie "Regression".  The story is about a detective following around…
Rose Pendleton
Rose Pendleton Jun 11, 2014
DANIELLA STEELE Cast Interview, Spoof Troupevid

DANIELLA STEELE Cast Interview, Spoof Troupe - BJ Honkey Lange interviews Spoof Troupe cast member Daniella Steele, who reveals all about her experiences moving to LA and working with Spoof Troupe.Contact…
spooftroupe Jun 03, 2014

Why I Love The Fanning Sisters

From a young age Elle and Dakota have graced the movie screens those sweet lil blonde cuties, featured in countless photo-shoots and made all sorts…
Bek Jun 03, 2014