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Web Data Extraction, Data Mining Services

If you are looking for web data extraction, web scraping services, WebDataGuru provides in just $99 quick and reliable data extraction, data mining services that…
webdataguru Jun 23, 2015

Advanced analytics playing a vital role for health insurers

Customer behavior is a complex subject that affects the insurance industry in fundamental ways, from product development, marketing and distribution to inforce management, financial reporting…
bodhtree May 06, 2015

About Big Data, you do not know the 6 myths

Over the past two years, Netflix with behavior analysis to create a US-based drama House of Cards, while the explosion of red, big data has…
1aap Apr 24, 2015

Digital marketing that drives business growth

Growing dominance of online coupled with new devices like tablets; smart phones are reshaping the market. Digital medium and interactive web are providing the customer…
bodhtree Mar 30, 2015

Inserting intelligence into Sales Processes

Sales organizations have always been under pressure to uncover new opportunities, hit sales targets, and maximize productivity. But in today’s new age of the customer—where…
bodhtree Mar 19, 2015