The Foxman Apocalypsepic

The Foxman Apocalypse

Come join in the mayhem known as Foxman Music www.foxmanmusic.com 
Foxman Jun 30, 2014
MoonDaze TV 27 - Ready for the 80'svid

MoonDaze TV 27 - Ready for the 80's

#MoonDaze TV 27 is the fourth episode of season 02 starring Breck Stewart with Simone Silverlining and the Tikiboum Clan (vocals by Breck Stewart).  Breck…
breckstewart Apr 12, 2014
Foxman Asylum Promo Flyerpic

Foxman Asylum Promo Flyer

Enter at your own risk !! Foxman Music is a meandering venture down the crossroads of life which is guaranteed to pick at your soul…
Foxman Mar 29, 2014
Where's The Sun by the Foxman Crazy Like A Foxvid

"Where's The Sun" by the Foxman (Crazy Like A Fox)

YIKES !! This is the new video for my vampire song "Where's The Sun". Enter with caution, there are lots of thrills and chills lurking…
Foxman Mar 01, 2014