Live Magic 1986 Queenpic

Live Magic (1986) / Queen

Live Magic is a live compilation album by British rock band Queen. It was recorded at various live shows during the Magic Tour (1986) and released…
melomano Jul 21, 2014
A kind of magic 1986 Queenpic

A kind of magic (1986) / Queen

A Kind of Magic is the twelfth album by English rock band Queen, released in 1986. It was their first studio album to be recorded digitally…
melomano Jul 07, 2014

Dallas Buyers Club

DALLAS BUYERS CLUB Jeri Jacquin, Movie Maven Coming to theatres this Friday from director Jean-Marc Vallee and Voltage Pictures is a tale based on a true story…
Movie Maven
Movie Maven Nov 08, 2013
Russian Roulette 1986 Acceptpic

Russian Roulette (1986) / Accept

Russian Rouletteis the seventh studio album by German heavy metal band Accept, released in 1986. It was again recorded at Dierks-Studios, but the band chose…
melomano Sep 06, 2013
Mitch Easter, Michael Quercio, Scott Millerpic

Mitch Easter, Michael Quercio, Scott Miller

Mid-80s Power Pop 1986, recording Game Theory's Lolita nation double-LP. Produced by Mitch Easter (producer of early REM albums); the Paisley underground's Michael Quercio of LA's…
angrylambie Aug 14, 2013
Who made who 1986 AC-DCpic

Who made who (1986) / AC-DC

Who Made Who is a hard rockalbum by Australian band AC/DC, released in 1986 as the soundtrack to the Stephen King movie Maximum Overdrive. King would…
melomano Jul 27, 2013

Visiting the Exhibition Devoted To The Chernobyl Accident

Hi guys! I'm sorry that so rarely write lately. Because I'm busy in college and sometimes I'm so tired I just want to rest. But today…
Katy Bambie
Katy Bambie Apr 27, 2013

Congratulating pictures for lady gaga`s birthday!

The last thursday was the birthday of lady gaga, so her fans or "little monsters" show their affect and  they make a lot of pictures wishing a…
Mima Valentine
Mima Valentine Mar 31, 2013

Record Rewind: The Best of 1986

Record Rewind! I love listening to music hit of the past so let's taking a trip back to 1986. Here are all the top tracks of…
Sara Scoggs
Sara Scoggs Sep 21, 2012
Starship Sara 1986vid

Starship / Sara (1986)

Go now don't look back we've drawn the line move on it's no good to go back in time I'll never find another girl like you, for…
adicto Jul 12, 2008
Toto I'll be over you 1986vid

Toto / I'll be over you (1986)

Some people live their dreams Some people close their eyes Some people's destiny Passes by There are no guarantees There are no alibis That's how our love must be Don't ask why [Bridge:] It…
adicto Jul 12, 2008


I'LL SEND YOU A LOVE LETTER... STRAIGHT FROM MY HEART! This movie saved 1986 for me.
ignatz Dec 06, 2007
She's not the girl who misses much. And she'll eat you through your TV.vid

She's not the girl who misses much. And she'll eat you through your TV.

Who knew that Ringu originated in 1986? I think you have more like 20 minutes than 7 days to live after you watch this thing.
ignatz Nov 14, 2007
1986. We don't need no stinking nude models.pic

1986. We don't need no stinking nude models.

Richard is prolly gonna kill me for posting this one... I'm pretty sure my parents were NOT HOME while this little photo shoot was going on…
yet another picture I shouldn't post. But Richard looks so damn cute.pic