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People On Reddit Are Sharing Foods They Despise, So How Picky Are You?

People are always quick to criticize. Sometimes it’s music, while other times it’s how they spend their free time. Well, someone finally asked, “What common/widely liked food do you hate?” and people were quick to jump in and absolutely tear some foods apart. Everyone has that one food other people love and they absolutely cannot… More »

How Millennials Are Disrupting the Travel Industry

Millennials like their travel. They are the generation who are always dashing off between full-time jobs for long breaks or taking time out to find themselves between more casual work. There are loads of speculative reasons why people believe that millennials travel so often. Some say it’s a reaction to the stability of their childhood,… More »

Russia Is Re-Making HBO’s Chernobyl And It Blames America

Yeah, I’m as confused as you are. In response to problems with the facts and production with the popular HBO miniseries Chernobyl, Russia has decided to tell its own version of the nuclear disaster at reactor 4. This spin-off includes the intervention of a malicious American CIA agent who causes the entire debacle. I for… More »

All The Best Wedding Registry Tips For Every Budget And Lifestyle

Let’s be real: imaging your future gifts is one of the most fun aspects of wedding planning. This is where wedding registries come in. Registries will recommend gifts that your guests can buy and keep track of everything purchased for you. But what’s the best way to navigate wedding registries? Certain registries can come with… More »

This Russian Cat Is The First To Have Bionic Paws

Cats really do have 9 lives. Ryzhik the tabby cat thought he was facing his certain end when he was found in Tomsk in the middle of January in the -40C cold. His limbs were so frostbitten and gangrenous that they had to be amputated. Thanks to surgeons at an animal clinic in Novosibirsk, what… More »

Former Mobster Having Trouble Finding A Job Because Of His Large Facial Tattoo

From a distance, it looks like he’s wearing a black bandana to cover his face. But upon closer look, you can see that’s not true. As a member of one of the most “notorious” gangs in New Zealand, Tamatea rugby club player Puk Kireka is very clear about with whom his loyalties lie. Kireka has… More »

Diving Into The Real Lives Of The Women Of Marvel

Not only does Marvel dominate comic books, but they’ve taken over your TV and movie screen as well. With Avengers: End Game becoming the second highest grossing movie all-time domestically and worldwide, it’s hard not to notice these heroes. The women superheroes are especially tough to miss. In 2019, Marvel gifted audiences with their first… More »

These Actors Had A Real Problem With Their Iconic On-Set Wardrobes

A good costume can make or break a character. While it’s important to get all the details just right, it would also be nice if the actors could be as comfortable as possible under all those layers. It’s not always the Risky Business uniform of pajamas and sunglasses — sometimes actors get stuck with iconic… More »

Justin Bieber’s Newest UFC Fight Challenger: Tom Cruise

Over the years, several celebrity feuds have captured Twitter’s attention. The newest battle seems to be Justin Bieber v.s Tom Cruise. On June 9th, pop singer Justin Bieber tweeted, “I wanna challenge Tom Cruise to fight in the octagon. Tom if you don’t take this fight you’re scared and you will never live it down…. More »

Red Carpet At The 2019 Tony Awards

The 2019 Tony Awards was an eventful night at Radio City Music Hall in New York. “Hadestown” was named the Best Musical while “The Ferryman” was awarded Best Play. For the second time, James Corden hosted the event, while Stephanie J. Block, Bryan Cranston, Elaine May, Bertie Carvel, and André De Shields all took home… More »

German Circus Eliminates Live Animals Thanks To Incredible Holographic Technology

With an increasing push for circus acts and live performances to eliminate the use of animal performers, Germany act Circus Roncalli took matters into their own hands and developed the technology they needed to adapt. Other circus acts like UniverSoulCircus and the Ringling Bros. have faced accusations of animal cruelty for years from animal rights… More »

‘You’re Having A Ph.D.’ This Woman Performed A Maternity Shoot With Her Completed Thesis

You’ve spent years of your life working towards this. Soon you’ll be able to put those last three letters at the end of your name, but then you hand it in and you feel empty. Lost. With nothing to show for it but a lot of crumpled up pieces of paper (or deleted word docs,… More »

Someone Installed Punching Bags For Stressed Out New Yorkers All Across The City

New Yorkers aren’t always known for being the friendliest Americans, but now we’re outright saying we think they have anger issues. Neon yellow punching bags appeared throughout Manhattan in May to prove a point during NYCXDESIGN week. Don’ttakethisthewrongway Studio took to the streets by installing these punching bags all around town so friendly and not-so-friendly… More »

This Bus Became The Perfect Small Home For This Incredible Woman

Living in Manhattan was starting to feel cramped for Jessie Lipskin when she decided her life needed a big change. No longer comfortable with her path, she desired more freedom and personal flexibility. To achieve this, she turned to eBay, where she started looking for a new home. Not just any home, though. She wanted… More »

Barbie (Yes, The Doll) Attended The CFDA Awards To Accept Her Special Tribute

Not only did Barbie attend the Council of Fashion Designers of America Awards, but she also wore a custom designer dress. The iconic Mattel doll spent her 60th birthday at the CFDA Awards in New York City this year. Barbie hit the red carpet in a custom-made outfit by Diane von Furstenberg. In her Instagram… More »

Curly Eyelashes Is The Fashion Trend That Absolutely No One Asked For

It seems like every few months a fashion blogger or makeup artist comes out with a strange new trend that takes the internet by storm. Curly eyelashes are apparently one of those trends. Makeup artist Sofie Petersen introduced the latest trend (if you can even call it that) in one of her latest Instagram posts… More »

Blink-182’s New Album Is Coming This Summer

Blink-182’s New Album Is Coming This Summer The ‘What’s My Age Again’ rockers have been working hard on the follow up to 2016’s ‘California.’ The group’s bassist and singer Mark Hoppus has revealed there is an official announcement “forthcoming.” Mark Hoppus, on KROQ-FM Mark Hoppus, on KROQ-FM Hoppus also denied rumors that former member Tom… More »

We Hope These Cringe-Worthy Fashion Trends Never Come Back In Style

There are some clothing pieces that are truly timeless. The little black dress or a crisp, white collared shirt will never go out of style. The same can’t be said for these fashion trends. It might have seemed like frosted tips and neon zebra stripes were cool at the time, but we all knew deep… More »

Hip-Hop’s First Ever Billionaire: Jay-Z!

Jay-Z hit the history books by becoming the first hip-hop billionaire, according to Forbes. Jay-Z made $1 billion recently, making him the sole hip-hop artist and one of few entertainers to do so. Forbes states this his fortune not only stems from music, but art collections, real estate, streaming services, and liquor deals such as… More »

Melania Trump Wears $20,000 Worth Of Clothes In Just Four Days

The First Lady of the United States always wears stunning, elegant outfits. But she broke a new record by wearing six outfits, collectively worth over $20,000, for a four-day trip to Japan. Her dresses alone come out to $19,250. If you add on the shoes, belts, and jewelry, then $20,000 is the cheapest that her… More »

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