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What Everyone Needs to Know About Timothée Chalamet

Timothée Chalamet is a rising star in Hollywood at just 23-years-old. Audiences got to know him in the Oscar-nominated film, Call Me by Your Name, which earned him numerous award recognitions, including his first Academy Award nomination. Now, if a film has his name in the cast list, it is sure to get a lot… More »

Crazy Cat Lady Memes That You’ll Probably Have Some Questions About

Somewhere in your neighborhood resides a lady with multiple cats. She might love those felines, but many would identify her as a crazy cat lady. Rumor has it that she can’t hold a romantic relationship down to save her life. Whether that’s true or not is not up to you or anybody else to confirm…. More »

Celebrity Coachella Outfits That Bring Festival Style To A Whole New Level

Every April, hundreds of thousands of people flock to the desert city of Indio, California near Palm Springs for the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival. Even celebrities brave walking among the ranks of unfamous people to enjoy one of the biggest musical events of the year and you can bet that they come ready… More »

Michelle Obama Made a Surprise Appearance at The Grammys and Everyone Lost Their Minds

Over the weekend, the 61st Grammy Awards took place in Los Angeles. Hosted by Alicia Keys, the 15-time Grammy winner had a few tricks up her sleeve. Rather than giving a joke-fueled opening monologue, Keys decided to share the spotlight with four of her friends, who all happen to be some of the most iconic… More »

Oasis Festival in Morocco Has Dropped Their Lineup!

Oasis Festival in Morocco has dropped their lineup… and we couldn’t be more excited!  The lineup features thrilling debuts, rising local stars and returning favorites, including Four Tet (one of dance music’s most consistently innovative forces), Âme b2b Dixon, Mall Grab, Jayda, Loco Dice, Horse Meat Disco, Nicola Cruz (live), and MORE!! This festival is North Africa’s premier electronic… More »

Things You Never Knew Actually Had a Purpose Until Now

Ever come across some random information about a product you use every day and all of a sudden you feel like you’ve been using everything wrong since forever? Well if not, you’re about to! Because these items are so commonplace, we tend to not notice certain things but that is all about to change. In… More »

All The Looks At The 2019 Grammy Awards

The Grammy Awards aired on Sunday, February 10th, and we were there to catch all the action (and by “we were there,” I mean we watched the Grammys on TV like everyone else). A lot of people tune into the Grammys to see the world-class musical performances, but we tuned in to see what everyone… More »

Who Runs the World? These Are the Most Powerful Women in U.S. Politics

As of January 2019, there are 102 women in the U.S. House of Representatives. While women account for just 23.4% of the total U.S. Reps, women are running for office (and winning) in unprecedented numbers. Whether Democrat or Republican, their power feels more palpable than ever. From newcomers like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to seasoned political pros… More »

Fashion Week 2019’s Most Eye-Catching Style Moments So Far

Once February rolls around, it can only mean one thing: fashion week has arrived. But rather, it should be called fashion month since over the course of several weeks runways dominate some of the major fashion capitals of the world. Of course, the first stop of the season is New York City and so far… More »

Famous Women Share Their Insights On Becoming New Moms

Just about every new mom-to-be has sought advice on motherhood from their favorite celebrities at some point or another. If you or someone you know is a mom, chances are that sentiment rings true. Mothers, celebrity or not, should be celebrated every day, and we found some of the best inspirational quotes from Hollywood’s best… More »

Bride Goes Without Haircut For Years Until Wedding Sparks Major Makeover

Everyone wants to look and feel beautiful on her wedding day, which is why one Florida woman went to a local salon to help her achieve just that. But when she met with the stylists, they were astounded with what she gave them to work with! The woman had over two feet of hair that… More »

These Celebrities Are Thicc Now, And Honestly, We’re Not Mad About It

If we’ve learned anything over the past few decades, it’s that body types come in and out of style. Sometimes it’s cool to be super skinny, sometimes it’s cool to be thicc. Right now, we’re in the “it’s cool to be thicc” era, and honestly, I’m all for it. Yeah, it means people are doing… More »

Do You Remember These Iconic Albums From 1999?

Let’s take a trip back to 1999. MySpace (a.k.a. the original Facebook) was just launched, Friends was the number one show in America, people were beginning to freak out about Y2K, and the black market music service Napster had taken over the web. Luckily for Napster, there was a ton of new music being released… More »

30 Affordable Pieces You Need In Your Wardrobe For That Awkward Time Between Winter And Spring

What even is March? It’s not winter, it’s not spring, it’s some weird in-between month. One day you’re wearing oversized sweaters and drinking hot cocoa by the fire, and the next day you’re outside without a jacket living your best life. Don’t even get me started on April. April teases you with its lovely sunshine,… More »

20 Memes That Skincare Addicts Will Find Too Relatable

There are two kinds of people in this world: those who obsess about skincare and those who don’t. The latter views skincare as simply another part of their hygiene routine. Like brushing their teeth, they might not enjoy it, but it has to be done. Skincare addicts, on the other hand, recognize that taking care… More »

Plan On Tying The Knot Soon? These Are The Best Wedding Venues In America

Every year in the United States, there are approximately 2.5 million weddings with Americans spending a total of $72 billion per year for their dream wedding. The theme seems to be, if you’re going to do it, do it right. You’re about to spend the rest of your life with your significant other, so it… More »

Desert Hearts Announces 2019 Festival

I couldn’t be more excited for the 2019 installment of Desert Hearts, touching down at Los Coyotes Reservation April 26-29.  For 72 non-stop hours straight the reservation will be transformed into a paradisal vessel for self-exploration and the beating heart of an international family.  It’s been incredible to see how The Desert Hearts Festival experience has earned… More »

Your Most Pressing Makeup Questions, Answered

Our fascination with makeup often starts at an early age – just take a look on Instagram and some of the most prominent makeup gurus are girls and boys who aren’t even in high school yet! But if you’re already an adult and makeup is still relatively new to you, you’re not alone. A lot… More »

Ariana Grande Tried To Fix Her Misspelled Palm Tattoo, But Things Didn’t Go As Planned

Ariana Grande has had a tough week so far, and it’s not over yet. The pop star released her latest single ‘7 Rings,’ which became the most-streamed song during the first 24 hours of it being uploaded. That’s a reason to celebrate, right? Ariana thought so too, so she celebrated the best way she knows… More »

Tidy Facts You Didn’t Know About Marie Kondo

If you’ve heard your friends say they’ve “Kondo-ed” their bedrooms and kitchens over the weekend, then you can bet that they’ve been “Konverted” to the teachings of world-renowned organization guru Marie Kondo. Since Tidying Up with Marie Kondo premiered on Netflix, people have been purging their closets and bookshelves of items that no longer bring… More »

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